Saturday, August 15, 2015

Metamorphose? Dissoulution? Reconfiguration? Summer of 2015, Reflections and Astrology

Metamorphosis? Dissolution? Reconfiguration? Transfiguration, anyone?
It's been a rich and potent couple of months with a gentle touch as Venus went retrograde late July nudging us into another sweet supportive dive into persephones shadows (our core issues) with the promise of emerging faithfully in bright rebirth around the 18th and a completion of this cycle on Sept. 6.
The night of the Perseids Meteor Shower I was moved (in no uncertain terms) to perform a dissolution fire ceremony on my earth and into and just beyond the midnight hour. (then I rested.) 2  days later I am still feeling in that re-member-ing yet still partly altered state of reconfigurartion where renewal of the physical/cellular and vibrational structure and deep energetic restructuring and reordering occurs. It is a slow ongoing process to be honored; and the beautiful image I have of the reconfiguartion process was not unlike a fetus being formed anew in the dark red and black mysterious void of the mother's womb, where within the soft dark mysterious and intelligent (loving) living sacred fluid of the Her space (a veritable potent universe of creation), and with the stillness and precision of a Wisdom (and Love) greater than we can imagine, new cells and even functioning organs and systems are formed and fashioned, miraculously, into a tiny functioning universe of its own.  A bodyworker who supported my process this week shared this insight around the same: when our new bodies are grown, maybe a tiny liver is fashioned first in the darkness, a mystery as it grows in the void, later a beating heart and a lung, in tiny precise increments and movement. It was such a beautiful visual, and not unlike a living musical symphony, being guided by something so vast and highly Intelligent (Love) from seemingly no-thing in a vast void or grander universe of liquid darkness and love, the shapeless shaping dance of literal Creation Itself. Life is such a miracle! I took this visual into and from my recent ceremony as all was offered and dismembered from the past, including these bones and this body, and a new form and energetic structure was reordered and rebuilt. It was quite the ritual.
Reflecting on this potent week and ceremony I was reminded of the butterfly again, transfigured first into and then out of liquid without agenda. but with the mystery and miracle of a Divinely inspired and Intelligent Creative Force, from one form into a new form previously unknown and even unheard of. This is the great Mystery of the Unknown, and of Her, the Feminine Force and Way, that I have been trying to express (and failing miserably at) for the past couple months.

Shamanic Dissolution Ceremonies are performed at moments and junctures of death and rebirth, when something, some phase, a core relationship, (with self or another), life issue, pattern, or story/history/herstory is ending, and ready for the breakdown life/death/life cycle (and composting) of falling away, dismemberment, death and REBIRTH (with any type of death there is always a Rebirth) cycle in a powerful way. Many of us are experiencing these movements and experiences at this momentous cosmic 2015 summer juncture.
Dissolution (and reconfiguration) ceremony is perhaps optimally performed during the waning (decreasing) moon cycle, after the full moon has peaked and just before the New Moon rises(the new moon Intent seeding thus carrying forward the momentum of the rebuilding energy). but it can be performed any time a person feels ready and called deeply to die to the old at a truly profound and completed level, and rest wholly in the process of beginning the slow but mystical (and sometimes mythical) process of reconfiguring a new and newly formed way of being, living, personhood, and even sometimes physical, body, personality and life.
more on shamanic dissoul-ution (there's that typo again), reconfiguration, transfiguration and Feminine-guided Shamanic practices coming soon.

found on googleimages, artist Eva Ruiz

In the meantime, and especially perhaps as a Leo Lady, I feel deep joy and blessings that these profound and loving, and deep and dedicated, (I mean let's face it, this has not been easy work, now, either, has it? This challenging difficult and so often uncomfortable healing and transformative paths and processes of the warrior or the Angel-on-Earth soul), and/but I am feeling so held and blessed that these cosmic collective movements are occurring so potently now, during our summer season here in the northern hem. It is prime time and weather too, with our still long and warmer sound-filled evenings (can you hear the full-fledged croaking of ciccadas and sweet music of vast cricket colonies where you live? What summer night sounds can you hear?) to camp out on the land and spend long nights under the starry active sweet and mythical skies. If you feel called to sit on the earth, rest your head or full body offering on her great and grounding belly, put your ear to the Earth to hear/feel her message (such love and unconditional support and sustenance She provides), rest, let go, breathe and let gooo... now is the time. En~joy. Shared reflections for today. heart emoticon

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