Friday, June 13, 2014

Creative Flow and Mercury Retrograde

I am enjoying some deep and rich creative time during this artistic Mercury Retrograde. It is both firey and passionate and somehow settling too. I thought I'd share some pics of my current painting's creative process. Painting like this is new to me and I am being both consumed and called by Her, the great Feminine, to listen, learn and play. 
Happy Retrograde. At the end I'll post a link to an article that well describes the aspects many of us are experiencing at this momentous time.
Love and en-joy.
With some notes to myself, the evolution of a current work...

she started here. I called her Goddess of Recovery. 

She came into focus as a younger version of her here - this actually looks alot like I did in my earlier teen years. such an interesting process. Listening to Her from within. 

Later She matured and had lovely red hair coming in and flowing especially on the right.  

Hints of a turban also appear. I want to stay with Her here. so I do for awhile.

ok. big jump. she definintely wanted a turban.. I am learning to listen and open to intuitive painting, so of course I gave it to her. ....  
 and Inanna revealed Herself.

A turbaned woman appeared. Later I realized that the great goddess Inanna was coming through. It was months before I read she wore a turban. and also an eight-pointed star which these first impulses later evolved into. 

and here she sits for today. don't know where we'll go next or if it will be backwards or forwards. I keep listening. Allowing. Reflecting. I have alot to reflect upon. 

​with 13 moons appearing on the left, and the "light of just one candle" on the right.
the turbaned versions, only 2 of several posted here, are further affirmation of the Presence of Inanna.

unfinished. still in her early stages, but her story is emerging and I am following with the flow.

from a link on the aspects we are feeling right now, very validatining. from the article...
"The current Merc Retrograde is showing artistic discovery." and it surely has been. I was painting untill 11:30pm last nite and up before 6am painting again. so yes, Indeed. ..
more from the article:
"Venus is so strong, we can allow her to take over and let crazy artistic temperament reign supreme."
Mercury stations retrograde on Propus, the star of Castors foot, which is supposed to be highly fortunate and give a life of eminence. William Herschel discovered Uranus close to this star, so this is retrograde of discovery! This is a wild, untameable, free-spirited area of Cancer. We find activists here and the brave and fearless. Sometimes they are barking-mad too…When Mercury turns retrograde of course, things do seem a little barmy. I think since Venus is so strong, we can allow her to take over and let crazy artistic temperament reign supreme. This is a nice benign, retrograde with plenty of scope for artistic inspiration and flirting with ideas (and people!). 
full article:

update: 6.21

with her turban and stars I realized She was indeed reflecting my journey with Inanna, the great Goddess known for her initiative journey through the seven gates of the underworld and her eventual rebirth and physical resurrenction. I only this week read that she wore a turban. and also that the eight pointed stars that appeared in a later version not shown here are also a sign from Her Inanna. what a journey I am taking with this canvas.

Most recently she morphed and appeared into the reflection of a dear friend I lost recently who now shines on the other side. The journey of my healing of the past many years reflected and the current support I am receiving from Spirit, from Her, and perhaps even from my friend. I have been in touch with her soul but to connect with her this way through the canvas is another experience altogether. She is helping me to process and heal from her recent traumatic death.

Here She is as of today, unfinished, but reflecting my redheaded friend and a true Goddess/Angel on the other side. So tender is her new emerging. I am still working on this piece. This is transformative intuitive painting.


unfinished "The Light of Just One Candle" 
this one was really my favorite, she is an angel, plays the harp, and this reflects who she is but still said she was not finished.
Below a more completed version. Except for some sweet bluebirds that also wanted to appear.
I love this Angel of Inner peace - it has been a deep communion with a friend's Spirit on the Other Side. with the Light of just one candle.
The inscription in the upper left corner is the Om Amriteswaryai Namah mantra, which means Salutations to the Immortal Goddess. Chanting or wearing this mantra is said to connect you with the power of the Divine Mother Herself. A true tribute to my friend who was a great healer, teacher, and also a great lover and embodiment of the Divine Mother Feminine Soul. She will be greatly missed. namaste ~ 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Dear Awakened Journey: greetings. can you help me how do to fighting ill feel in our heart because somebody who we love, hurt us? - signed, maria

Dear Maria, we have to remember that people who hurt us are really hurting inside of themselves. they are projecting their pain outwards, and it has nothing to do with us. in other words, we practice compassion for them, and meditate/reflect to not take it personally. This is easier said than done, of course, and takes time. And in the meantime, we must also tend to our tender heart.
Find some moments to sit with self and Source, and cry. Express all and any feelings that arise when you are feeling your pain out loud. It may be necessary to find and share your process with a witness, a trusted friend or counselor as your witness is very important especially in early emotional recovery and healing.
But you may also set time aside to really sit with and feel your feelings yourself. Offer your heartbreak and also any anger to Spirit and at the same time, love and hug yourself. Find someone you also love who can embrace you while you grieve and heal b/c of your hurting.
Later, you may also need to set and maintain boundaries with the person who has hurt you if they continue with that behavior. But as you express the sadness and pain and let it flow, you will heal your heart.
Namaste dear Maria, and biggest hugs ♥

~ ~ ~
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