Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Joy of Living in the Moment - Where the ordinary is extraordinary

It seems the older I get the more I appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary. Not that I didn't appreciate it before. But there is something deeper and simpler happening with my day-to-day joys. I think it is also in accordance with the earth changes and shifts, and returning to all things simpler and appreciated.

Yesterday my hubby and I were eating veggie burgers (well, I was, he had a regular - but with some very yummy toppings, cranberries, brie and carrot slivers. Mine, a homemade veggie delite of rice, beans and whatever else (delicious) made into a fab-burger, and stacked with julliened roast red peppers (tons), sprouts, onions (I love being married, you can eat onions anytime) and divine balsamic dressing. We shared a side of sweet potato fries that was served with some crazy good roast-veggie-alioli. It was veggie heaven!) We were at a local (wonderful) eatery when news came on the tube of a Tsunami watch in Hawaii and the earthquakes happening off the coast of Chile.

First, and of course, I wanted to cry. As I always do when humanity shares an event like this. I also felt simultaneously glad to be in a public and social space when the news came, b/c it felt like being connected to our human family, and being a-part-of instead of apart-from, as we all sat in concern and focus together. You could feel the love and common bond in the room. Secondly, I also felt a warm need to get home to our doggie-dogs, to cuddle and feel so grateful simply for our togetherness in these shifting & sometimes challenging times.

But later, while taking our dogs for a walk, my hubby made a joke and I felt so happy to laugh. In that moment, I was somehow reminded that even as life and indeed the planet experiences its challenges, there is a bigger picture, and part of keeping the balance and our Way is to also honor our spirit and joy. Every day. No matter what else is going on. It's a part of being balanced and whole. And it is so important too.

It felt good to feel good. And to stay connected to that side of Self too. The common bond and the detached awareness. It's both. But the joy felt really good.

Then I came across this post by a blogger named Sasha. She didn't add her last name, but it was so uplifting I wanted to share it here as well. A wonderful and simple account of living in the present. And it seemed to go with the theme I've been feeling today of appreciating the extraordinary of the ordinary. In any case, I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing her writing today too.

The Joy of Living in the Moment
by Sasha's Tea Room Blog
I recently discovered quite by accident, and much to my delight, the true feeling of living in the moment. I guess I would describe it as a zen type feeling, a state of content and awareness of this feeling with the absence of any other thought. There is no past, there is no future. You are experiencing the joy of being in the experience of now. When we dwell on the past it keeps us from experiencing this day just as looking forward to another day to come robs us of now. ... It's not the parties, the trips, the shopping sprees that bring the joy. Rather it's the cat sleeping beside you as you type away on your computer, gazing at the sky looking for the shooting star, feeding wildlife, cooking a savory meal, relaxing in a warm bath..... The ordinary. It really is extraordinary.

Thanks to Sasha for the graceful reminder. I was just feeling it too!

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