Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas and the Highly Sensitive Soul

Christmas and the Highly Sensitive Soul ~
"We don't need twenty thousand Christmas lights, a party every weekend or a mortgage-sized Christmas present. What is wonderful, in fact, is that the simplest of gifts, the quietest carols, the smallest of gestures are enough to fill our hearts with joy."
I've always loved a quiet Christmas. Perhaps that's in part because the Christmases in my well-meaning but dysfunctional family of origin were always so overwhelming for me. But this is also due to the fact that I am a highly sensitive person.
I have loved soft, romantic, intimate Christmases since I was in my 20s - a walk around New York City holding hands with my sweetheart, a humble day cozy at home with a lover or close friends in Santa Fe, and now a tradition of spending the day happily and joyfully with our dogs and sometimes one set of in-laws has continued well into my marriage now of (going on) 14 years. I love the intimate and easy more quiet-kind of Christmas holidays.
I love a simple tree, soft simple dancing lights, and unfancy tender gifts from the heart that hold deep sentiment as a suggestion of thoughtfulness and love more than anything else. That's what brings me joy this time of year and always has. Well, maybe not when I was 10, but you know what I mean.
Many HSPs (highly sensitive people) discuss the need to honor boundaries and our needs for safety, peace and sanity with the world and (especially) family at this time of year, and that is important too - we so easily absorb and feel the negative or dysfunctional moods, thoughts and emotions of others we may gather with at this time. But there are benefits too to being an HSP on the Holidays and that is where my focus is this year.
In celebration of the Highly Sensitive Soul at Christmas, I share this story of "A Christmas Gift", by HSP blogger Deborah Ward. I love how she too focuses on the gift, and not the struggle, of an HSP Christmas. ~ Happy Holidays ~
A Christmas Gift
The advantage of being a highly sensitive person at Christmas
by Deborah Ward
Being a highly sensitive person in the weeks leading up to Christmas can be overwhelming to say the least. The crowds, the shopping, the parties, and the incredible business of the season can leave me feeling like I'm on a roller coaster and I want to get off. While it is fun, it can all be a bit too much, too fast and we end up not enjoying the season but feeling frazzled and worn out.
But there is an advantage to being highly sensitive, especially at this time of year.
Sensitivity means that you feel things intensely, including both sensory information such as sounds, colours, lights and smells, and emotional information, which includes both other people's feelings and your own. But that doesn't mean it is always too loud, too bright, too intense, or too much. When we absorb positive sensory or emotional input, we are able to feel a special kind of joy, and a recognition of beauty that others cannot even see.
What this means, essentially, is that it takes very little to excite or impress us or make us happy. We don't need twenty thousand Christmas lights, a party every weekend or a mortgage-sized Christmas present. What is wonderful, in fact, is that the simplest of gifts, the quietest carols, the smallest of gestures are enough to fill our hearts with joy. I am incredibly happy watching the morning sun light up the icy branches of the birch trees outside my window. I love the smell of pine cones in the woods and fresh coffee back at home. I can light candles in my living room and put on my favourite music and I am in a cathedral, as grand as any in London.
The smallest gestures from people mean so much as well. It is always challenging to keep the negative moods of others at bay, but when they are happy, I radiate. And it doesn't take much. A simple politeness in the grocery store, a wave from a neighbour, a smile from a colleague. All it takes is sincerity. A genuine kindness. And when those simple gestures come from someone you love, the sensitive person is set alight, flying a few feet off the ground, with a heart wide open and blood rushing, set free with an indescribable happiness.
No matter what kind of presents and experiences come our way, the best part about being a highly sensitive person at Christmas is the gift we already possess - an amazing and wondrous appreciation of the simplest things in life. Being able to see beauty everywhere, in everything and in everyone is a gift I will always treasure.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Tribute to Healing and Social Change

For Eric Garner, his family, and all the other innocent men of color murdered by police officers in this United States. 

When are WE going to stop this? What is happening in our Judicial system that jurors are being manipulated out of their own humanity? NO clear and healthy human being viewing that video could have chosen "no indictment" unless they were manipulated via court orders to disregard THE EVIDENCE.

BE IT KNOWN: If you are asked to serve on a Jury.. your CONSCIENCE and HUMANITY come first. If you see or hear something that indicates foul play, and are instructed to ignore it... DON'T. and then, report the indecent and unjust orders and experience immediately afterwards. Speak up. Speak out.

IT IS YOUR RIGHT to uphold a greater law than we apparently have in certain police and judicial systems in this country. and this is so so sad. 

Peace and healing to the families of Eric Garner, and slain black teenagers Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and too too many other innocent, unarmed, and too-young American boys and men.