Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tools for Today: Are You Sure?

Tools for Today - Are you sure?
Great exercise for cleaning up erroneous perception...

I awoke early this a.m. with the burning desire to hold and meditate with my precious and powerful black obsidian shaman's stone. and then... I couldn't... find it!

Panicked inside, anxiety began to arise as I remembered that my enormous 10-month old lab-mix had "eaten" (or at least torn open and played with) a gemstone pouch that once held a couple of my stones. Had the black obsidian been inside? and was the stone, too large to swallow, now somewhere hidden or lost in the house, buried deep inside a secret corner or cushion as my dear lab often does with her treasures? or worse, had she carried it outside and lost it, as she loves to find rocks and carries them in and outside of the home in her large mouth?

Oh how I needed my special obsidian piece this morning. To help me with my morning meditation on peace.

I called upon my (our) beloved friend "Tony". St. Anthony, finder of lost things. He has never, and I mean NEVER, let me down with this. From run away dogs to parking spaces to just about anything precious that you just can't find but need, like keys or a treasured piece of jewelry, Toney comes 'round with some kind of inner prompting that always, always, leads me to what I am searching for, and more than once brought our previous dog Jersey directly home after a worrisome backyard escape.

This morning, I needed my precious obsidian stone.

I asked Tony to help with the simple words of calling: "Tony, Tony, please come 'round. Something's lost and must be found. Help me find my black obsidian today. And to let trust replace worry along the way."

I said to myself, Alexa, don't worry. You'll have all day to find it. It will turn up. Tony will show you. Trust. My impatient and insatiable need to fix it now stirred inside me. I had images of turning over every seat cushion, looking under each bed, and still, something said, "trust. don't worry. it is not lost."
And then, without needing the whole day to do it at all, I felt myself somehow led into my office. There I found a large carry-bag that I had recently taken on a trip to Florida. Inside of the bag... was the medicine pouch that contained 2 of my favorite and most helpful stones. Which included, of course, my gorgeous black obsidian.

It had only taken minutes. Maybe less. And I breathed a grateful sigh of joy and laughter.

I sat down on my knees and thanked dear Tony, the amazing and quite delightful magical Saint who had helped me. Again.

And then I remembered this teaching. Which I also love. It is the theme I am working with today. It is the Buddhist practice called "Are you sure?" ("Are you sure your stone is lost forever?") And it can be applied not only to everyday experiences in life, but also on the deeper places where we continue to heal and recover.

Here is that practice in a nutshell:

Tools for Today - Are you sure?

Great exercise for cleaning up erroneous perception...

Looking Deeply into Perceptions—Are You Sure?
Then we meditate on our perceptions. The Buddha observed, The person who suffers most in this world is the person with many wrong perceptions…. And most of our perceptions are erroneous. We see a snake in the dark and we panic, but when our friend shines a light on it, we see that it is only a rope. We have to know which wrong perceptions cause us to suffer.

Please calligraph the sentence, “Are you sure?” on a piece of paper and tape it to your wall. Love meditation helps us to learn to look with clarity and serenity in order to improve the way we perceive.

- Thich Nhat Hahn

I knew that black obsidian was my go-to stone for protection. From many energetic aspects. But in finding this picture today, I am not somehow surprised to see.. that it is also a fabulous stone for clearing up erroneous perception. Having been guided, this is the real lesson for me today.

Namaste ~*~

photo: Buddha om amulet obsidian - cross cultural protection, peace, perception ...
www.etsyBuddhists, OlympiaEtsy, WWWG

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wish Jar Meditation

Wish Jar Meditation, by Alexa

Take some sacred time out today or tonite to really enjoy this ritual. Be sure to have at least an hour when you can sit with yourself in relaxed and uninterrupted time and space.

Sit in your sacred space. Light a candle and play some soft soothing music if you'd like.
Take a few deep grounding breaths, and open your sacred space in any way that you like. You may call in the four directions, invoke your guides, or simply invite Divine Spirit and Loving Presence into this space with you.

You can do this practice with art supplies in tow or visualize the process in your imagination. It is always up to you. But it is fun to do with a real jar and materials to decorate. You can also then set the jar on your altar or in a special place you love, like in a sunny window.

You may want to do some drumming or shamanic rattling first to really bring yourself calm and present for the next hour or so. Take your time. However you like to settle-in. This is your sacred prayer and dream-time. You may decide to stay here much longer than you originally thought, because it feels so good. Simply follow your own process and rhythms. And enjoy.

Now, invoke and call in your Angels. Ask them to come, invite them in, to see you, hear you, and hold space, and to receive the prayer you are about to create and offer for their divine assistance. Tell them you need help, and ask them in any way or words that come to you. There is no wrong or right. Just invite them in and speak from your heart. Smile.

What you are going to now do is to imagine your current challenge coming into resolution in the most wondrous way. Really explore the possibilities for good to arise. See it, feel it happening, feel the joy in you as the situation transforms into love and a vision of joy and light. See the challenge magically unfolding into a divine inspiration and a gift. Feel your joy and gratitude as the situation resolves.

The deeper the challenge the longer you may like to spend with this. Whether it takes a long time or is a lighter issue and moves very quickly doesn't matter. Simply enjoy the process, the feeling of having this happiness and healing and blessing in place. This is your prayer.

Next, take that prayer in all of it's goodness and yumminess and hold it in your loving hands. Hold it as the precious dream it is and feel your gratitude and love. Take the dream that's in your hands and pour it gently into a wish jar. Feel the love you feel holding this vision and holy prayer. Imagine the details, take your time, and Put it all into a wish jar. Let it go. Let it all go into the jar. Then... give it to the Angels.
Your angels are just waiting for you to turn over the entire situation into their loving hands for divine repair. Let them take it. See the resolution. Smile. Breathe. Close your sacred space with gratitude and love. Honor and thank the space and Presence that is always with you. Then, let it all go. And go on with your day or night.
Repeat as needed, but only if really needed.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Seagull Medicine - and Connecting with Source and Self Through Nature

Seagull Medicine - and Connecting with Source and Self Through Nature

A few weeks ago I was blessed to stumble upon two beautiful seagull wings on the shore here in Maryland. I now have 2 feathered tools curing in my freezer for my medicine bag, one for cutting, one for clearing energy. I admit I was a bit intimidated to find myself attempting to cure or clean and preserve these pieces here on my own. In my years out west I surely would have called on someone else to help me with the task. However at this point in my life as a healer I feel awakened and capable, and even honored, to learn to practice even a bit of this work with sacred offering today.

In any case, I asked Spirit what this gift presented for me and what it symbolized both personally and in my work as a healer. Here is what I heard:

I carry nurturing mother energy in my healing work and found that the beautiful seagull wings were a gift from the Sea. I love to connect with the Mother near the ocean, and what a powerful and humbling gift from Her. when I came upon them I literally went down onto my knees in reverence of the site and offering. and I felt a connection with myself as a power woman and also with Spirit that I was dearly in need of at the time. I too have also carried the wounds of the un-nurturing mother. The energy around the spot where I found them felt so holy and sacred. It was an experience of connection and honor I scarcely have words to describe. And I felt in my truth and humbled grace and simultaneously held by the Great Mother myself when I found them. I will always remember this experience and affirmation.

I removed a portion of the body that was still attached to one of the pieces, and later at home removed some more. It made the wingpiece so unique and beautiful but I felt it smelled a bit and was more comfortable letting it go. I am now making my first attempt or experience with treating 2 separate and distinct wing pieces for sacred ceremony or work.

I hope the wings come out well as I hold this medicine in high regard. what a beautiful gift from the Mother. though I still had to wash and rewash my hands whenever I handled them and felt a bit intimidated by handling an animal part myself this way, I hope the treating technique I learned will do the trick to and they will feel treated well and complete when they come through the process. nonetheless, I feel honored to carry the Divine Feminine medicine more consciously now into my work. It is the Mother's energy that works through me.

I'd love to inspire you this week to open to nature and the gifts that are all around us in the natural world. There are no small gifts from Spirit and there is always more going on here than meets the eye. When we stumble upon a heart-shaped shell, a sacred owl feather or even a quiet stream trickling peace into our hearts, shamans know that we are connecting not only to nature, but with ourselves and Source. We are connecting to our nature. May your expanding discovery of Self-and-Source through nature be blessed today.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Peace and Healing Trayvon

I'm still feeling angry at the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. So unreal and unjust that an innocent life was taken and for what. Wasn't it clear that this young man was the one acting in self defense and that he was unjustly harassed and pursued. But the crime goes free, and for what. Manipulated legalize? Shallow technicalities about what is allowed legally in our court system? Isn't it obvious that Zimmerman's irrationality choreographed the whole thing, that he wasn't in his right mind or reality at all, and that it resulted in the death of an innocent boy? Isn't this a clear case of manslaughter? a fatal crime against an innocent boy?
Among other issues that to anyone with their eyes and ears opened are obvious to this case, this "legal" system also greatly needs gun-carrying reform and definitely strict and abiding gun laws and gun-use education (shouldn't gun bearers be required to attend 3-years of proper schooling on the issue first?) Because someone just went free who felt, for whatever wrong and invalid reason, like pursuing and chasing down an innocent kid, which is bad and "wrongdoing" enough, but he also did it with a gun in his pocket. And this man had no business carrying a gun. He was acting on personal assumptions and ignorance and even ignored law enforcement's directive to mind his own business. This man clearly was not capable of responsibly handling a gun. And his crime, this horrible and fatal crime, goes unpunished and unaccounted for, at least by the American court of "justice" system. Is this where the legal system of the United States of America stands today? Really? To allow an act like Zimmerman's to be labeled as legally acceptable? C'mon. This was an obvious case. And I am only sticking to the provable facts. 
But I am practicing if even just a bit today in sending metta to both sides of the coin. It is tragic that a man committed a crime that killed a young boy who had done nothing wrong. George Zimmerman will have to live with that the rest of his life. He will have to live with that inside his soul for the rest of his life. I feel compassion for that, for his terrible mistake and for his family too. And my heart breaks for the Martins, and for the fact that their unbelievable loss goes seemingly without redemption or justice. But there is a higher calling. A higher code to answer to. I have to practice surrendering to it. And practicing a bit of metta today.
We are really both the Martins and the Zimmermans, for despite the grave mistake made here both by the culprit and the legal system, we are still at heart all truly one, created by and in the spirit of the same God (as you define God). And forgiveness but also accountability is needed to heal. The accountability is now in a higher power's hands. And perhaps we'll get around as a society now to strict and clarifying gun control and education on this and other issues of the case. But at the same time, a terrible and fatal mistake has been made. And the grief is palpable. And although I do feel that accountability is needed for recovery, so I feel compassion on a deeper level too. For the saddness of humanity, for people who cannot see or own or just don't care (and isn't the latter even worse) that a man-slaughter occurred and went unpunished. And then there is such a great loss, and the anger and ridiculousness really over why. There is suffering all the way around as we continue to heal and awaken around this case's deeper issues.
Sending light and hope to the places of grief, and prayers for peace, truth and oneness to abide. I have to find this in myself most of all. and to release the anger it stirs in me. Opening to all of my feelings and allowing them to cleanse and be healed. And finding peace and restorative wellbeing within myself.
postscript: I also have to bow my head to the Martin Family for their graceful and enlightened way of speaking out and advocating on behalf of their son at this difficult time. wishing them support and blessings as they continue to heal and evolve their peaceful education foundation. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Vision - Dropping Story and Foundationing a New Paradigm


A warrior doesn't need personal history.
One day, (s)he finds it is no longer necessary, and (s)he drops it.
-Carlos Castaneda

Peering across many spiritual communities at this time I see that many people are now dropping their stories and realizing they no longer need them. If this is you, a good way to anchor in the change-over is with ritual and ceremony. Find a special place in nature and release flowers, grasses or sticks into a stream symbolizing the pieces of what you are letting go of, that can be things, beliefs, habits, even people and/or ways of being in relationship with certain others, and then add in items that represent the new pieces and visions you are sending out to manifest in the flow of the Universe - take your time, savor this deep ritual, and let your spirit guide and inspire the process;

or - create a ritualistic dance or song, and sing/dance it in to the universe, take your time, let it move through and with your body, and dance it into the earth to take root.

Other ideas for your bringing-in-the-new-paradigm ritual: create an altar representing the new pieces and paradigm you are building; or create a hand painted abstract or traditional vision board full of images that represent the paradigm you are now birthing and action steps and activities you may already be beginning to enjoy.

Additional support: make a small change every day that represents your movement into the new. Begin to foundation a new activity or behavior, or simply do something different each day with your routine. These are small affirmative actions and foundations that can go a long way to begin representing and enjoying the new structure and energy that is already in motion. Remember, small steps make for big changes.

If your process also includes shifting from an old family paradigm into a new, whole and personally-free one, you might also want to consider a gratitude and honoring the ancestors practice some time later this month. It is a powerful practice that shamans and warriors use to release and even heal their ancestral lines and lineages. More on that to come.



Take your time. Sit with these ideas and breathe them in deeply. Get clear about what you are in the process of changing over. Then, begin your rituals. And allow Spirit to enter and take you to a deep rich place of honoring all that has come to pass and celebrating your powerful new story-free life.

Biggest hugs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: New Personal Dream, New Global Vision

To all friends on the Path,

We have walked together through the Shift. And we made it!! We have each been held and touched by each other's presence and Light on the Path. And everything that has come to pass has prepared us for this day and time. I am feeling soooo grateful!

This month we take our first steps together onto the soil of this new day, new cycle, new dream, 2013. It, and perhaps we, have arrived. ;) Let the magic begin!!

Wishing everyone out there in blog-browsing land an amazing, joyful day into a new and clearer you. The time has indeed arrived to enjoy a new personal paradigm and with intent a new Earth. Of course the only aspect of global transformation we ever need be concerned with is our own path and actions. Baby steps are ever ok and always so supported. As ... a New Dream has begun!

I also want to remind readers today (that's you) that this is a great time to create a New Dream/New Structure 2013 Vision Board, or "Dream Board" as some like to call them. As we celebrate and move somewhat slowly and wobbly into the new, it's been a long road year and it will be awhile yet getting acclamated to our new legs, I send you love and peace and gentleness, and hope to inspire you towards a little creativity as well. This is an easy and gentle way to begin to bring your heart's desire and conscious intent into the new year. Biggest happy dreaming!

A Project for This Month
from Alexa Major (me):

New Structure Vision Boards: A good time to Dream
Project: Create a New Dream/New Vision 2013 Vision Board

Happy New Year and New world cycle as well. We have surely and securely entered a new energetic season and I wanted to share with you a powerful tool that most of us are familiar with, though some of us may not realize how powerful a practice it is to do at this time. I invite you to participate and create this simple project this month while the new year energy is still ripe and potent.

The old cycle has shifted and we are entering a new age and new chapter in both our own and our collective consciousness. This is a ripe time to put together a vision map for our energy to follow of what we are truly wanting to create for ourselves at this time. We have already begun taking our first steps into a new foundation and structure for ourselves and our life this year.

I am inviting you all to participate with me. I am working on mine this month as well.

Here's what to do:

1. Set some time for yourself this week to sit in your sacred space and really get clear about what you would like to manifest this year. It could be a new foundation for wellness, career or work in the world, a global cause, financials, relationships, or anything you wish. You may also be working on creating space with some deeper issues so spend time with that as well. Really get clear in your meditation or quiet time what it would be like to have peace and joy in all areas of life. You may choose to include a global vision as well. Take the time to really feel into the depths of your heart's desire. There is no rush, no hurry, and plenty of time to clarify and really sit with this. The project will be more powerful if you can really be authentic with yourself around what you are willing to change and manifest. Let it connect more deeply than you may have previously experienced on such project. Breathe, this is exciting. (yes!)

When you are ready...

2. Pull together images and photos that match the feeling of what you are going to create. You can use magazines or pull and print them off the web. Gather the materials you will need to create your project: cardboard or poster paper, scissors, colored markers if you'd like, a glue pen, etc.

3. Set another block of time aside to make your collage. Save a 1-2 hour period and commit to holding this space just for you!

Complete your project in that session or if a few more things are to be added, by the end of the month.

Really en~joy and have fun with this creative process. Your vision board can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

4. Next, feel the excitement your in your spirit and cells as you feel resonance with these images. Dream BIG, always set your dreams a bit higher than you may even think or know you can create. You'll be surprised at how much of it comes to light and being over the course of the year.

I have worked with this practice in several powerful spiritual circles over the years and it is always amazing how these images come to life and manifest over the year without even thinking about it.

5. Display your vision board in your meditation area or room, or somewhere where you will see it every day you visit that part of your home. Once you have created and displayed it, you need not "do" anything else with it at all. Just post it somewhere and let it be. Let it "Be". The energy of your intent will do the rest.

6. Also, for members of www.awakened-journey.com, you may post your Vision Dream Board there in the blog section, and/or write out your NewYear Intent on your page under current goals and intents. This is ALL-WAYS a powerful and so so easy way to get clear and magnetize.

Create your 2013 new dream vision board BY THE END OF THIS MONTH! This is important!!

I promise you may be well amazed in a year how much of it has come into BEING. Share your project on site or somewhere with another to build more open energy and universal power around these blessed dreams. You may post it on site here in the blog section or in the group United Lightworkers In Peace where we have begun to gather some tribal and community power already.

My love, blessings and bestest wishes are with you each this year.

Feeling liberated? .... Share your vision board somewhere online this month!

I will post mine at Awakened-Journey.com before the end of the month.

Happy Blessed Intent Setting

as we begin this New and Powerful Cycle.