Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Vision - Dropping Story and Foundationing a New Paradigm


A warrior doesn't need personal history.
One day, (s)he finds it is no longer necessary, and (s)he drops it.
-Carlos Castaneda

Peering across many spiritual communities at this time I see that many people are now dropping their stories and realizing they no longer need them. If this is you, a good way to anchor in the change-over is with ritual and ceremony. Find a special place in nature and release flowers, grasses or sticks into a stream symbolizing the pieces of what you are letting go of, that can be things, beliefs, habits, even people and/or ways of being in relationship with certain others, and then add in items that represent the new pieces and visions you are sending out to manifest in the flow of the Universe - take your time, savor this deep ritual, and let your spirit guide and inspire the process;

or - create a ritualistic dance or song, and sing/dance it in to the universe, take your time, let it move through and with your body, and dance it into the earth to take root.

Other ideas for your bringing-in-the-new-paradigm ritual: create an altar representing the new pieces and paradigm you are building; or create a hand painted abstract or traditional vision board full of images that represent the paradigm you are now birthing and action steps and activities you may already be beginning to enjoy.

Additional support: make a small change every day that represents your movement into the new. Begin to foundation a new activity or behavior, or simply do something different each day with your routine. These are small affirmative actions and foundations that can go a long way to begin representing and enjoying the new structure and energy that is already in motion. Remember, small steps make for big changes.

If your process also includes shifting from an old family paradigm into a new, whole and personally-free one, you might also want to consider a gratitude and honoring the ancestors practice some time later this month. It is a powerful practice that shamans and warriors use to release and even heal their ancestral lines and lineages. More on that to come.



Take your time. Sit with these ideas and breathe them in deeply. Get clear about what you are in the process of changing over. Then, begin your rituals. And allow Spirit to enter and take you to a deep rich place of honoring all that has come to pass and celebrating your powerful new story-free life.

Biggest hugs.