Sunday, August 7, 2011

Polarity Balancing: Embracing our anger

In order to heal and release something, we must first meet it as a friend.

It is 2011 and many of us are feeling a real pull to finish healing or wrapping up certain issues we may have been processing for quite some time now. Myself, I have been working on harmonizing my inner polarities and have come to some real peace with the issues of anger. And you know what is helping me to strengthen and shift the most? It is this: honoring and listening to my anger.

Anger is not something to run away from. Even the Dalai Lama will tell you "of course I still get angry! if people never get angry I think something is wrong in their head!" lol (and he was! laughing out loud)

I believe that anger is a friend. A God given messenger that alterts us when something is wrong, not good for us, and needs changing. Indeed, it is anger that has fueled, not ego-driven madd anger, but grounded healthy anger, with consciousness, that has fueled some of our greatest human historical feats to date (ie: ghandi freeing India, MLK's civil rights transformation, women being granted the right to vote, etc etc.) So anger is there as energy, as a messenger to guide us to the next right steps. If we work with it as a friend, and non-violently. yes? and then, it too shall pass.

And as I continue to release and clean out my own inner polarity issues, a sign of the times it seems these days, I close with this:

the time is now for some great healings to occur. don't be afraid to feel what you are feeling. and don't swallow it down! it is time for releasing it. (for good!) express your feelings in a safe and appropriate place, ... and then let them go! and set yourself free. It's time!

let your authenticity be your guide.

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