Wednesday, January 29, 2014


good morning blessed friends on the path. this morning I am re-emerging, somewhat, after a 21+ day deep emersion sadhanna (spiritual emersion and practice) with the shakti goddess. January and this new year of 2014 are proving to be deep and powerful already. are you feeling it?  (slowly, slowly.)

I am on the surface now tapping into the rich deep soil that feeds me so lovingly this frozen winter morning. As the early morning opens outside sweet deer are foraging through the snow, and I am immensely blessed to witness them. yesterday I rested and cooked all day, a simple day, and it was bliss. There are no words to describe the power and depth of feeling whole and home and arriving as I begin my morning practice on this first day post-sadhanna held and awakened with new depth with the fullness of a shakti belly. I look forward to spending this bold new year with you. for now, I bid you a sacred awakening to the All, and a nestled winter day. love and Lak'ech ~ I am another you !!

Inanna No.3 by Liliana Kleiner -

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