Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shaman.Earth Meditation

by Alexa MajorZipf

Step out onto the earth,
Let your feet push gently into the dirt
Close your eyes
Sit down.
Send your roots down, down, so far down.
deep into the Earth.
Send your love into Her center.
As she receives your love, the Earth responds.
She sends you back a stream of
bright bold deep green energy up from her core.
Receive it.
Up through your shushumna.
Rising ounce by ounce.
and continue the process until it flows up and out
into the cosmos.
Slowly now.
And then settles back down and focuses steadily into you heart.
Keep exchanging love with Mother Earth.
Now feel the Universe's energy entering down through your crown.
from up in the heavens.
Divine energy enters through the top of your head
and spreads through your whole being and body like melting butter.
From your crown, Divine golden energy flows through you
and is sent all the way down into the earth,
until it settles back up to rest and meet in your HeArt.
Let these two Mother energies meet in your heart,
the Earth from below, the Divine from above.
Let them fill every cell in your body and being,
and even in between the in between spaces.
Let these Energies fill and radiate out from within you,
but only when It has completely filled you first.
Let Earth.Mother's green energy and
Divine.Mother's golden-pinkish energy meet at
the center of your Universe,
And fill and flood you and your physical body
with healing, groundedness and nourishment
for your life and soul.
It is a deep rich process. Allow slowly and steadily.
There is no hurry.
You are the place where Heaven meets the Earth.
Live it.
Breathe it.
Know it.
~ Namaste

Consciousness (Love). The only Reality

for the empathic soul. love. (conscious Love). the only reality.
When you are in a space of conscious/awakened love,
you know,
that nothing else is real
and nothing else matters.
Yet you do not have to stay in places with people
where love and kindness do not prevail.
Where you do not feel safe.
And at the same time,
as you re-claim your boundaries
and choose your own healthy space and path,
you remember that
even if you have to have contact with
others who may be, hm, unsavory, today,
stay in your own centered space of love
with your very real golden energy field/sphere strong around you,
and be aware,
that from this place
nothing else can touch you,
or harm you
in this world.
Leave their messes and pains and dramas to them,
outside of your bubble and shield.
Do not allow it in your energetic space.
Strengthen this. Practice.
Keep your consciousness and field of reality intact.
And remember,
Love is what is real. (Consciousness)
And that is ALL we as empaths allow into our conscious space.
from this day forward.
All else IS...
Love. It's what's Real.
with special love to my empathic friends today
heart emoticon ~ ~ have a beautiful one 🐾💐🌸🌷