Monday, February 1, 2010

The Comfort of an Unmade Bed

Comfort Food for the Soul: The Unmade Bed

On Saturday I made the bed up fresh. New sheets. Fresh from the dryer and sooo wonderful. In fact, all of the bedding was fresh and delightful.

By Sunday it was cloudy and gray. Waking up in those fresh sheets on a cloudy day felt irresistable.

I sometimes make it a practice not to make the bed. If for no other reason than to break my habit of feeling like I have to. But on this Sunday, I left that bed unmade with such joy for the comfort it gave me the entire day.

Each time I walked into that room, that wonderful room with the unmade bed, that cozy, cushy bed with the freshly made sheets, my cloudy Sunday felt like such a comforting treat. Home. Love. Easy. Comforting.

And later that night, I couldn't wait to climb back between the sheets of that warm and inviting cozy unmade bed.

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