Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, Are you Kidding me?

I am on vacation in Florida at this time but am compelled to express some deep and heartfelt reflection today....
Ferguson, are you kidding me? Feeling such heaviness this morning. It's like waking up in Groundhog Day again and again and wondering when the day is going to change.
Last night at a restaurant was an image of a black woman's face on the TV news, mugshot, with the bold caption "Indicted: for the murder of unarmed husband." We were awaiting news of the Ferguson outcome, and my heart sank. hard. It was in my throat as I imagined this woman self defending against a large and abusive man. And the blatant and typical headline in bold appeared at the very time we were waiting for another verdict: Would there be an indictment for the unnecessary murder of an unarmed black teenager by a white male cop? The timing was crushing, the headline so telling. Moments later, literally, there it was, in large bold caption: No indictment in the Ferguson case.
How many times will we have to live this same sad and maddening day again and how long will this history repeat itself before we ALL take a stand for the obvious.
Another gross and unnecessary murder of (another) innocent young man, unarmed, and without any factual or reported real threat. So he stole a handful of cigarillo cigars, how many other kids are murdered for shoplifting? Maybe he had an attitude. Who wouldn't have an attitude in that environment. All I can think of now is Bruce Springsteen's song 41 Shots. If you don't know it look it up.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What is Happening in America - American Dysfunction in the Political System

What is happening in America?
a personal response to post-election reaction in the U.S.
Re the outcome of our recent election, let us remember that this country is still pretty equally divided, there was no landslide, one side as usual won by a very slim margin, just off of the pure 50/50% mark. I am personally so tired of the immature and childish Obama-bashing I hear from even some of my own Republican friends. We are not children guys, we are adults now, and this country and world are in CRISIS. These issues are real, and they are huge.
It's going to take mature people with healthy minds to get this country working smoothly again and working through the needed changes - which include the questions of how to care for our sick and elderly, keeping our educational system up to par with the rest of the world, dealing with terrorists who threaten human lives and rights, not to mention how are we going to switch over to new energy sources and systems that will allow us our energy independence as human and corporate greed continue to bleed and destroy our very environment and earth, something we as America also have to take responsibility for.
These issues are huge and they are REAL. and no matter who or what you voted for, we need to work TOGETHER to even have a chance at repairing and recovering from all that is wrong in our world today.
So please, lets PLEASE try to show a little respect for ourselves and take the higher stance of working together as human beings with big issues to solve. It is imminently important that this country become led by people who are interested in healing and BETTERING our local and global systems and world. This will not happen if we continue to fight and attack and block compromise and progress for no other reason than being stuck in a childlike, uncompromising and immature mentality.
We have to work together despite our differences. This is serious, guys. Get into your adult mind and let's all learn to work together already. (ps. how old are we? I could swear some of the hater-rants and attacks and such I am seeing are coming from repressed 2 or 3 year olds.)
Let's grow up and get it TOGETHER. We need to work together... as mature adults, as the BEST that we are, not the most shameful, to confront and handle the huge and challenging issues we are facing today.
So I forgive you and you forgive me, ok, and let's get on a page that is "for" local and global recovery. We have **alot** of work to do to correct the damage that has been done, and alot to clean up and evolve.
It doesn't matter "what side" you are on, we are ALL on one side. Get it?