Monday, December 21, 2015

For the Love of a Dolphin

Ever go to a dolphin show? Think about what it's like from their perspective. The too-small cement enclosures echo their incredible sonar back to them at unbearable levels. and they are unable to swim the hundreds of miles they are by nature meant to swim each day.

Many knock their heads up side the enclosures in response to the trauma they face living in these conditions. And these highly intellegent beings are forced to "perform for food". It is no wonder an occasional whale will kill it's "master". It is only because they are so docile, they only kill for food in the wild, that they do not kill their slave masters more frequently.

I am sure many of these "dolphin and whale circus trainers" feel love for their trainees. But this is not love. Love is granting and supporting their freedom and protection. And I am sure when they realize this they will feel very badly. but this can be prevented with sharing more awareness of their plight. It's a tough situation. But one that may be healed with awareness. They also do some great rehabilitation at these places. So that can be the continued effort and purpose for those who work in this arena. And it is currently an arena for theater of the unconscious. Dolphins and whales deserve to live free.


For the Love of a Dolphin ...
A Dolphin Connection, by Alexa Major Zipf

I have swum w/wild ocean dolphins four times. The first was in '95 when I had an intimate one-on-one conversation and sonar session with a large atlantic bottlenose. I called to him and he swam from some distance to meet me. I was diving as deeply as I could, and he surprised me by coming and "standing up" full-length in front of me underwater.

We were face to face, heart to heart, feet to fluke. Then I put my hands over my heart and sent love energy to him. "I love you! We love you!" I said (telepathically) as I sent energy from my heart to him with my hands. He smiled and chattered away with me out loud and gently sonared me too. Then he invited me for a dolphin swim! Oh, that I could have kept up with him. It was so natural for me. It felt easier to connect with him than with people at the time. It touched my soul in such a natural and indelible way. I still carry that connection with me now.

Another time I got to do some underwater video with them (just for fun). It was a group of super playful spotted dolphins off of the bahamas. Such hams! They love human gadgets and toys, like cameras and underwater motor-scooters. The general rule is to swim with arms behind your back and not to touch them out of respect. I don't like to see them in captivity.

filming & playing with wild dolphin friends
and the Dream Too team, Atlantic Ocean, '96

I saw my first whale breaching in Coasta Rica in 2001. It was the most peaceful experience I have ever had. A huge pacific grey whale mother and her baby. They moved so slowly, so incredibly peacefully, alongside our boat, and with such grace. She also did a slowwwww and magestic tale flip. I cannot describe the depth of Peace she carried. A true meditation in peace and Presence. In their great presence we truly come into the power of Now. We were also among tons of dolphins on that trip. It was the first time I saw the flamboyant Spinner Dolphins. I don't know if that's the right word, but they are high energy. They are thin and shoot into the air, spinning 'round and 'round and 'round.

The fourth was on my honeymoon in Mexico. There were little canoes on the beach, and my hubby said - C'mon! There was a red tide at the time, and I said I wasn't sure I wanted to go. But my hubby said (not knowing what was coming, but somehow intuitively), "Yes, come. You're gonna like this."

He rowed us away from shore and towards the horizon. And then, unexpectedly, we began to see fins. My husband whispered, "dolphins!" He had rowed us right into a pod of quiet pacific bottlenoses. They were feeding and focused on some fish below. So not paying us any attention. I wanted to share with my beloved the experience of swimming with them. So I gently slipped from the row boat into the ocean. But the pacific ocean is so deep and big. And the water there was rather murky. I didn't feel safe. So I climbed quietly back onto the boat. And as they were feeding too, we didn't want to disrespect them. So we chose to gently float among them in their presence. And watched them grace the surface. It was magic. And a gift my husband brought me as we started our journey together as husband and wife. Thanks, honey.

Oct 28, 2008

Sunday, December 20, 2015



And the Truth is... Love.
If it's not Love, it's not the Truth.

Love risks everything
The faux but outward safety
of keeping inner fires hidden in the status quo

True Love speaks up and out
From the heart
It cannot be silenced or quenched
No matter how soft and tender it feels on the inside of the rage against injustice and suffering
Or the threats of public or personal
Or how it pushes our own comfort zones

Love is the Creed of the Spiritual Warrior
The beloved Archangel
The Fierce Mother
The Bohdisattva heart & mind & Soul

Love may not be the norm yet in this world
(When it is we shall have Conscious Peace)
But it is growing
And it is the only thing
That has ever changed,
or will save,
This Earth .

Alexa Surya Karuna Major 1.19.17

You can use this knowing to discern everything we will witness being touted by this coming administration too: 
And the Truth is... Love.
If it's not Love, it's not the Truth.

image: cape_cod_tree_services via googleImages

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heading into Dreaming Season

This will be my last Awakened Journey blog post which is actually long overdue as the Feminine force of re-creation has certainly been having her way with us and just about everything during the past several years, hasn't She? 
In our world today we call for global sanity, change and healing and have rocky days ahead yet, but what a momentous time to be alive. May the courageous healing work we have completely or continue individually and collectively support the collective and personal benefit of all. As we continue to pray and envision and act towards the rebirthing and awakening of our earth and world and protection for all sentient beings and our earth herself, let us remember to call often upon the sacredness of all things. And celebrate the beauty, it is everywhere. Just keep looking and looking, just keep looking again until you see it. In deepest compassion for All, the Awakened Soul, Thank you for travelling with me. 

In love and in Lak'Ech
I am another you
Alexa Ashikia*Eaglefeather , the name the dolphins and the Earth mother gave me 

A prayer for our World. It needs it so deeply right now. 

Oh, Eagle, come with wings
outspread in sunny skies.
Oh, Eagle, come and bring us
peace, thy gentle peace.
Oh, Eagle, come and give
new life to us who pray.

Remember the circle of the sky,
the stars, and the brown eagle,
the great life of the Sun
the young within the nest.

Remember the 
Sacredness of All Things

Pawnee Prayer / Oh Eagle

photo: Roy Handcliff @Barclay Media google.images
above photo: Teotihuacan, Mexico - Pyramid of the Sun 

Preparing for Winter Solstice - Transitioning from Old to New

Preparing for Winter Solstice ~ Transitioning from Old to New

I spent the day on Wednesday cleansing the entire home with sage and palo santo. The weather here was mild, so all windows were open and it felt... wonderful! I also spent an equal amount of time inviting in New Energies, the Four Directions Blessings, the Present moment (and fresh new conscious energy, we and our world need us to stay Here) and offering some gifts for the approaching Solstice. After a long deep year of butt kicking inner work clearing out the proverbial cobwebs and coming to stand in an entirely new and transformed space and perspective with it all, it felt great. In the process I created an altar mandala that supports the deep collective call I am feeling for conscious Love, Forgiveness & Peace on Earth.

Here's a great piece from Shamanic Path today. We're all on the same page and wavelength. Enjoy ~ ~~ ☆

Winter Solstice is Monday, December 21 at 9:49PM MST
Dear Friends,

This is the darkest time, the still point that marks the TRANSITION from dark to light. It is a fitting image for our times as the conscious collective holds a container for the planet to move more into the light through compassion and love. Forgiveness would be an excellent theme for this Solstice. Forgiving yourself, others and all our relations on the planet for all the karmic debt that we have individually and collectively carried throughout history and other lifetimes.

There is enough energy in the new platform to accomplish this. It is important to do something around this solstice time frame. Create a ritual, or do a renewal process, some intention setting and lots of prayer. Although this solstice is not necessarily an easy time, it is a powerful time and if you use it well it can jump start your year in a positive way.

Here is a suggestion for a ritual to do around this solstice time.

Make an offering that you can either burn or bury of something written or drawn on a piece of paper folded up. You can add symbolic objects, photos, incense, sage, and decorations. Tie it up or just fold the paper around your offering. Say a prayer where you ask the Spirit of the WEST and Pacha Mama to receive that which you are letting go of, leaving behind and completing on this solstice. Breathe all the energy and emotions connected to your release into your offering and then bury or burn it, releasing it to spirit. Make sure to include great gratitude for all the lessons, wisdom and growth you acquired over the past year. Include forgiveness and compassion for yourself and for others.

Once you do a ritual like this it is important to fill the new space with something fresh and new. You may not know what that is yet, but you can symbolize it with flowers, beauty, love and joy. And for those who do know exactly what you wish to bring in, write it, or draw it and place it on an altar or in a place where you can honor it daily as you move

Note: for those of you on the other side of the equator, your solstice is a summer one. The same ritual can apply as it is a powerful time to transition from one aspect of your life to another.

The Power Path
photo: my altar to the four directions