Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas and the Highly Sensitive Soul

Christmas and the Highly Sensitive Soul ~
"We don't need twenty thousand Christmas lights, a party every weekend or a mortgage-sized Christmas present. What is wonderful, in fact, is that the simplest of gifts, the quietest carols, the smallest of gestures are enough to fill our hearts with joy."
I've always loved a quiet Christmas. Perhaps that's in part because the Christmases in my well-meaning but dysfunctional family of origin were always so overwhelming for me. But this is also due to the fact that I am a highly sensitive person.
I have loved soft, romantic, intimate Christmases since I was in my 20s - a walk around New York City holding hands with my sweetheart, a humble day cozy at home with a lover or close friends in Santa Fe, and now a tradition of spending the day happily and joyfully with our dogs and sometimes one set of in-laws has continued well into my marriage now of (going on) 14 years. I love the intimate and easy more quiet-kind of Christmas holidays.
I love a simple tree, soft simple dancing lights, and unfancy tender gifts from the heart that hold deep sentiment as a suggestion of thoughtfulness and love more than anything else. That's what brings me joy this time of year and always has. Well, maybe not when I was 10, but you know what I mean.
Many HSPs (highly sensitive people) discuss the need to honor boundaries and our needs for safety, peace and sanity with the world and (especially) family at this time of year, and that is important too - we so easily absorb and feel the negative or dysfunctional moods, thoughts and emotions of others we may gather with at this time. But there are benefits too to being an HSP on the Holidays and that is where my focus is this year.
In celebration of the Highly Sensitive Soul at Christmas, I share this story of "A Christmas Gift", by HSP blogger Deborah Ward. I love how she too focuses on the gift, and not the struggle, of an HSP Christmas. ~ Happy Holidays ~
A Christmas Gift
The advantage of being a highly sensitive person at Christmas
by Deborah Ward
Being a highly sensitive person in the weeks leading up to Christmas can be overwhelming to say the least. The crowds, the shopping, the parties, and the incredible business of the season can leave me feeling like I'm on a roller coaster and I want to get off. While it is fun, it can all be a bit too much, too fast and we end up not enjoying the season but feeling frazzled and worn out.
But there is an advantage to being highly sensitive, especially at this time of year.
Sensitivity means that you feel things intensely, including both sensory information such as sounds, colours, lights and smells, and emotional information, which includes both other people's feelings and your own. But that doesn't mean it is always too loud, too bright, too intense, or too much. When we absorb positive sensory or emotional input, we are able to feel a special kind of joy, and a recognition of beauty that others cannot even see.
What this means, essentially, is that it takes very little to excite or impress us or make us happy. We don't need twenty thousand Christmas lights, a party every weekend or a mortgage-sized Christmas present. What is wonderful, in fact, is that the simplest of gifts, the quietest carols, the smallest of gestures are enough to fill our hearts with joy. I am incredibly happy watching the morning sun light up the icy branches of the birch trees outside my window. I love the smell of pine cones in the woods and fresh coffee back at home. I can light candles in my living room and put on my favourite music and I am in a cathedral, as grand as any in London.
The smallest gestures from people mean so much as well. It is always challenging to keep the negative moods of others at bay, but when they are happy, I radiate. And it doesn't take much. A simple politeness in the grocery store, a wave from a neighbour, a smile from a colleague. All it takes is sincerity. A genuine kindness. And when those simple gestures come from someone you love, the sensitive person is set alight, flying a few feet off the ground, with a heart wide open and blood rushing, set free with an indescribable happiness.
No matter what kind of presents and experiences come our way, the best part about being a highly sensitive person at Christmas is the gift we already possess - an amazing and wondrous appreciation of the simplest things in life. Being able to see beauty everywhere, in everything and in everyone is a gift I will always treasure.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Tribute to Healing and Social Change

For Eric Garner, his family, and all the other innocent men of color murdered by police officers in this United States. 

When are WE going to stop this? What is happening in our Judicial system that jurors are being manipulated out of their own humanity? NO clear and healthy human being viewing that video could have chosen "no indictment" unless they were manipulated via court orders to disregard THE EVIDENCE.

BE IT KNOWN: If you are asked to serve on a Jury.. your CONSCIENCE and HUMANITY come first. If you see or hear something that indicates foul play, and are instructed to ignore it... DON'T. and then, report the indecent and unjust orders and experience immediately afterwards. Speak up. Speak out.

IT IS YOUR RIGHT to uphold a greater law than we apparently have in certain police and judicial systems in this country. and this is so so sad. 

Peace and healing to the families of Eric Garner, and slain black teenagers Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and too too many other innocent, unarmed, and too-young American boys and men. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, Are you Kidding me?

I am on vacation in Florida at this time but am compelled to express some deep and heartfelt reflection today....
Ferguson, are you kidding me? Feeling such heaviness this morning. It's like waking up in Groundhog Day again and again and wondering when the day is going to change.
Last night at a restaurant was an image of a black woman's face on the TV news, mugshot, with the bold caption "Indicted: for the murder of unarmed husband." We were awaiting news of the Ferguson outcome, and my heart sank. hard. It was in my throat as I imagined this woman self defending against a large and abusive man. And the blatant and typical headline in bold appeared at the very time we were waiting for another verdict: Would there be an indictment for the unnecessary murder of an unarmed black teenager by a white male cop? The timing was crushing, the headline so telling. Moments later, literally, there it was, in large bold caption: No indictment in the Ferguson case.
How many times will we have to live this same sad and maddening day again and how long will this history repeat itself before we ALL take a stand for the obvious.
Another gross and unnecessary murder of (another) innocent young man, unarmed, and without any factual or reported real threat. So he stole a handful of cigarillo cigars, how many other kids are murdered for shoplifting? Maybe he had an attitude. Who wouldn't have an attitude in that environment. All I can think of now is Bruce Springsteen's song 41 Shots. If you don't know it look it up.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What is Happening in America - American Dysfunction in the Political System

What is happening in America?
a personal response to post-election reaction in the U.S.
Re the outcome of our recent election, let us remember that this country is still pretty equally divided, there was no landslide, one side as usual won by a very slim margin, just off of the pure 50/50% mark. I am personally so tired of the immature and childish Obama-bashing I hear from even some of my own Republican friends. We are not children guys, we are adults now, and this country and world are in CRISIS. These issues are real, and they are huge.
It's going to take mature people with healthy minds to get this country working smoothly again and working through the needed changes - which include the questions of how to care for our sick and elderly, keeping our educational system up to par with the rest of the world, dealing with terrorists who threaten human lives and rights, not to mention how are we going to switch over to new energy sources and systems that will allow us our energy independence as human and corporate greed continue to bleed and destroy our very environment and earth, something we as America also have to take responsibility for.
These issues are huge and they are REAL. and no matter who or what you voted for, we need to work TOGETHER to even have a chance at repairing and recovering from all that is wrong in our world today.
So please, lets PLEASE try to show a little respect for ourselves and take the higher stance of working together as human beings with big issues to solve. It is imminently important that this country become led by people who are interested in healing and BETTERING our local and global systems and world. This will not happen if we continue to fight and attack and block compromise and progress for no other reason than being stuck in a childlike, uncompromising and immature mentality.
We have to work together despite our differences. This is serious, guys. Get into your adult mind and let's all learn to work together already. (ps. how old are we? I could swear some of the hater-rants and attacks and such I am seeing are coming from repressed 2 or 3 year olds.)
Let's grow up and get it TOGETHER. We need to work together... as mature adults, as the BEST that we are, not the most shameful, to confront and handle the huge and challenging issues we are facing today.
So I forgive you and you forgive me, ok, and let's get on a page that is "for" local and global recovery. We have **alot** of work to do to correct the damage that has been done, and alot to clean up and evolve.
It doesn't matter "what side" you are on, we are ALL on one side. Get it?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Power and Path of the Divine Feminine

Personally and collectively we are finding that the nature of this planet's crisis requires nothing less than expanding our capacity to relinquish control and follow the lead of a consciousness that is beyond the known and egoic self. Many of us are finding this through the Path of (the return of) the Divine Feminine.

Historically and mythologically humankind finds itself calling upon Her only in times of greatest crisis and trouble. (this would be the "I want my mommy" plea, heard even from great men when the limits are pushed beyond what they can handle or control. we have all felt this way at one time or another, and still probably often do.) For it is SHE, with the ferocity and love of the wise, fierce and fearless Mother, who can and knows how to restore order from the deepest darkness and most lost and destructive forces of the night. (a.k.a. forces that have lost their conscious way.) 

As we learn individually to let go and allow ourselves to be guided and held by the Divine Mother each step of the way, and this is a beautiful path and place to be when we reach and attain It, we may also see that it is She who can also collectively guide us, and this lost planet, successfully home to order again. We are in dire need of collectively summoning and invoking the Power of Her. To-get-her.

"I believe we need to learn how to collectively surrender to not knowing, to give up control and step into relation with Divine mystery, to the sacred which exists within life and within the endless infinite nothingness beyond life. We need a response that takes us beyond ourselves."

quote —Justine Huxley, St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace via Spiritual Ecology; image - durga - artist unknown

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today's topic: Transforming Fear
Dear Awakened Journey, What is your best advice for overcoming fear? - signed, Piscean Girl
Dear Piscean,

I love this question. There are many wonderful practices that can help us rewire and transform our tendency to worry and feel afraid. Of course the deeper our wounding or severe our life traumas the more tender circuitry some people have to heal and work with and that may require more time and deeper techniques. But overall it's helpful to know that all people, with our survival instinct intact and the many challenges we face throughout our lives, are in fact challenged with the task of mastering and even managing our fears.

Like all emotions, fear comes out of thoughts and energy and sometimes has wise and caring messages for us as well. So let's first also learn to honor and hold it, gently and respectfully as we embrace and dissolve its denser hold. The more we allow our fears to have space and acceptance, the more able we then become to also shift and heal them with love. And to heed their sometimes loving purpose, which is really to keep us safe and well. 

Additionally, like my old Teacher used to say, it's good to remember that (all) practices will be easier when our bodies or things are flowing well, and more difficult when we are sick or in a challenging circumstance. So if you also have alot on your plate at any time, and as always, be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you both sit with and rewire your ability to move out from fear and into love. You will be learning not only how to stop feeling so afraid, but also how to accept that fear is also a natural part of life and can be met with ease and grace and acceptance and moved through us easily like any other emotion.

But overall - the greatest practice I can share with you today is one of  the simplest and also my favorites. You may already know it, it is called 'Feeding the Good Wolf.' This is a great teaching for rewiring our fear-based thinking back to love. It's really all about shifting focus. 
Here is a simple story and parable that is a really good place to begin - or re-begin - to shift out of fear today... it's called: Feed The Good Wolf.

Enjoy. and 
Lots of love. 

The Legend:
There are 2 wolves inside each of us that battle all the time.

One wolf is Bad - full of fear and negativity. this wolf is cruel and a liar, filled with hate, anger and resentments. he is jealous, greedy, arrogant and selfish. he causes pain and destruction in the world. and he is afraid.

One wolf is Good - full of faith and positive outlook. she is honest and lives in compassion and love. she is patient, lives humbly and brings peace joy and goodness into the world. She holds consciousness, awareness, and is both wise and peaceful.

In this battle, one wolf will eventually win.

which wolf will that be?

The answer is ....

The one you feed.
Keep feeding the good wolf. 

Biggest blessings and hugs. 

~ ~ ~
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harnessing Personal Power: Looking Within

Harnessing Personal Power: Looking Within 

Massive changes are happening now in our psyches, hearts and cosmos. We are each on our own shaman's journey, as it were, travelling deeply on individual time answering and taking full responsibility only for self. The goal that many of us are sharing is the greater goal of harnessing our Personal Power. Cleansing out the old on another clearer level and allowing great spaces to open for the expansion that is occurring now.

Many of us are feeling the inward/outward pullings of the expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction of foundational re-Birth. It may feel quite exciting and tingly, in between the gasps and eruptions and great need for rest.

With this comes a gentle reminder that is it not only ok but essential for us to take really good care our bodies at this time, particulary those of us who are most sensitive to the Energy fluxes now. Drink plenty of extra water, lots and lots (add a lemon), and give your body (and mind) the rest that it deserves and may be asking for throughout the day. Listen to your favorite tapes, music, pray quietly and personally and let Divine Source come through and do the work. Trust that the Energy is taking care of you and all, and we just have to allow, surrender, follow, and take gentle happy care of ourselves through this shift.

After the Capricorn full moon of last Saturday, it is also a good time to connect and reflect with treasured groups or community, spiritual family, and selected "favorite" (the kind that feel good) relationships. A nice time to share and reflect together as we are feeling these pullings all around the board.

As we make our way through our individual processes and deeper self healing/self cleansing right now, there are many wonderful astro reports to reflect and guide us on the way. This one is from a post earlier in July. I love how it supports us in pursuing a "new revolutionary state(s) of mind" as we pursue our highest outcomes and potential for individualized spiritual growth and expansion at this time. namaste

You can find reports on the recent full moon and other planetary aspects on this site as well.

happy travels, and summer blessings on the Path. 
current skies -


Posted on July 9, 2014 in Announcements |
By Henry Seltzer for Astrograph Astrology

Today the Sun swings into a potent position, making exact aspects to two planets: a square to revolutionary Uranus, and a trine with restrictive Saturn. It is also important to note that Chiron the Wounded Healer is aligned in very close trine both the Sun and Saturn – so that a momentary grand trine formation occurs in the Water signs. The brilliance and vitalityof your consciousness is coming into contact with some deep and heavy material, most likely in a way that results in greater connection to ideas and higher learning. With Uranus also so involved, there are surprising epiphanies and unexpected situations that could easily occur, and you are counseled to exercise caution whenever possible and to take the high road in your dealings with others. Perhaps you are becoming more emotionally aware of areas in your life where you feel limited and blocked. With Chiron in the picture, it is beneficial to look within, asking yourself what wounded places from your own psychology could be contributing to your challenges. The obstacles that appear before you might actually stem from deeply hurt places inside of you, and until these pieces are brought into the light to be healed, they will continue to prevent you from stepping more fully into your personal power. With the archetype of Uranus swooping in from left field, the medicine you need could be found in pursuing a frame of mind that is revolutionary for you as an individual. Reaching as far outside of your comfort zone as you dare could be instrumental in moving toward resolving your issues and finding your own power. By taking the roads less traveled within your own psyche, you may be surprised to discover that the wisdom to be able to move forward was within you all along.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Creative Flow and Mercury Retrograde

I am enjoying some deep and rich creative time during this artistic Mercury Retrograde. It is both firey and passionate and somehow settling too. I thought I'd share some pics of my current painting's creative process. Painting like this is new to me and I am being both consumed and called by Her, the great Feminine, to listen, learn and play. 
Happy Retrograde. At the end I'll post a link to an article that well describes the aspects many of us are experiencing at this momentous time.
Love and en-joy.
With some notes to myself, the evolution of a current work...

she started here. I called her Goddess of Recovery. 

She came into focus as a younger version of her here - this actually looks alot like I did in my earlier teen years. such an interesting process. Listening to Her from within. 

Later She matured and had lovely red hair coming in and flowing especially on the right.  

Hints of a turban also appear. I want to stay with Her here. so I do for awhile.

ok. big jump. she definintely wanted a turban.. I am learning to listen and open to intuitive painting, so of course I gave it to her. ....  
 and Inanna revealed Herself.

A turbaned woman appeared. Later I realized that the great goddess Inanna was coming through. It was months before I read she wore a turban. and also an eight-pointed star which these first impulses later evolved into. 

and here she sits for today. don't know where we'll go next or if it will be backwards or forwards. I keep listening. Allowing. Reflecting. I have alot to reflect upon. 

​with 13 moons appearing on the left, and the "light of just one candle" on the right.
the turbaned versions, only 2 of several posted here, are further affirmation of the Presence of Inanna.

unfinished. still in her early stages, but her story is emerging and I am following with the flow.

from a link on the aspects we are feeling right now, very validatining. from the article...
"The current Merc Retrograde is showing artistic discovery." and it surely has been. I was painting untill 11:30pm last nite and up before 6am painting again. so yes, Indeed. ..
more from the article:
"Venus is so strong, we can allow her to take over and let crazy artistic temperament reign supreme."
Mercury stations retrograde on Propus, the star of Castors foot, which is supposed to be highly fortunate and give a life of eminence. William Herschel discovered Uranus close to this star, so this is retrograde of discovery! This is a wild, untameable, free-spirited area of Cancer. We find activists here and the brave and fearless. Sometimes they are barking-mad too…When Mercury turns retrograde of course, things do seem a little barmy. I think since Venus is so strong, we can allow her to take over and let crazy artistic temperament reign supreme. This is a nice benign, retrograde with plenty of scope for artistic inspiration and flirting with ideas (and people!). 
full article: http://darkstarastrology.com/mercury-retrograde/

update: 6.21

with her turban and stars I realized She was indeed reflecting my journey with Inanna, the great Goddess known for her initiative journey through the seven gates of the underworld and her eventual rebirth and physical resurrenction. I only this week read that she wore a turban. and also that the eight pointed stars that appeared in a later version not shown here are also a sign from Her Inanna. what a journey I am taking with this canvas.

Most recently she morphed and appeared into the reflection of a dear friend I lost recently who now shines on the other side. The journey of my healing of the past many years reflected and the current support I am receiving from Spirit, from Her, and perhaps even from my friend. I have been in touch with her soul but to connect with her this way through the canvas is another experience altogether. She is helping me to process and heal from her recent traumatic death.

Here She is as of today, unfinished, but reflecting my redheaded friend and a true Goddess/Angel on the other side. So tender is her new emerging. I am still working on this piece. This is transformative intuitive painting.


unfinished "The Light of Just One Candle" 
this one was really my favorite, she is an angel, plays the harp, and this reflects who she is but still said she was not finished.
Below a more completed version. Except for some sweet bluebirds that also wanted to appear.
I love this Angel of Inner peace - it has been a deep communion with a friend's Spirit on the Other Side. with the Light of just one candle.
The inscription in the upper left corner is the Om Amriteswaryai Namah mantra, which means Salutations to the Immortal Goddess. Chanting or wearing this mantra is said to connect you with the power of the Divine Mother Herself. A true tribute to my friend who was a great healer, teacher, and also a great lover and embodiment of the Divine Mother Feminine Soul. She will be greatly missed. namaste ~ 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Dear Awakened Journey: greetings. can you help me how do to fighting ill feel in our heart because somebody who we love, hurt us? - signed, maria

Dear Maria, we have to remember that people who hurt us are really hurting inside of themselves. they are projecting their pain outwards, and it has nothing to do with us. in other words, we practice compassion for them, and meditate/reflect to not take it personally. This is easier said than done, of course, and takes time. And in the meantime, we must also tend to our tender heart.
Find some moments to sit with self and Source, and cry. Express all and any feelings that arise when you are feeling your pain out loud. It may be necessary to find and share your process with a witness, a trusted friend or counselor as your witness is very important especially in early emotional recovery and healing.
But you may also set time aside to really sit with and feel your feelings yourself. Offer your heartbreak and also any anger to Spirit and at the same time, love and hug yourself. Find someone you also love who can embrace you while you grieve and heal b/c of your hurting.
Later, you may also need to set and maintain boundaries with the person who has hurt you if they continue with that behavior. But as you express the sadness and pain and let it flow, you will heal your heart.
Namaste dear Maria, and biggest hugs ♥

~ ~ ~
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening this weekened. I am feeling like Mamma is Home.
What a deep and deeply reverent process. With the activation and then Earth energy climbing in and mixing so happily with the Energy Divine from the Crown. 
Feeling Kundalini entering my body is like being grounded on a whole new level. The Toltec and other Shaman see Kundalini in one regard as the winged snake Quetzalcoatal winding, the coiled serpent unwinding, and she has been moving up these past years and now from South into North America in deep green blessed ways.
Here and there and everywhere, She is guiding us, loving us, Awakening us to our Wholeness, and letting us know that She is here for Us. Let her enter and re-Awaken you to who You truly Are!
From the Earth, this bright or dark green energy can merge and mix with that from the Heavens. Golden at the top. Merging Earth and Sky.
Our great Divine Parents, Hers is pink and gentle, and Earth Mother's so deep and green and True. Holding and loving us forever, providing for us everything we need to live and dance on Earth.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Emergence and the Divine Feminine

[ my first painting will go here - here she is in progress]

It is the beginning of early Spring and such a deep and powerful emerging is happening now. The birds build their nests, new life and Birth can be seen all around us. And sometimes, the lessons of nature show loss with new life as well. My husband came upon a sweet hearted baby bunny yesterday. And within the hour my dog had escaped the fence and she was no more. Though saddened and heartfelt of course, I was somehow able to accept her great message as well. This beloved angel of nature showing me as she will that this is nature, and part of a greater design that we sometimes simply cannot understand or bear to witness. Yet we must. With honor too. My dog meant no harm when she took the baby into her playful smile. She carried the little body around like a toy, a prize, that her canine nature was abounded to do. When it fell from her mouth my husband took the sweet fallen body and buried it near our statue of St. Francis. So innocent. So pure.

She, this little one, will be back I am certain. And her short incarnation here, so innocent, so tiny, moved me in a very big way. She moved me to phone my mother, to reconcile, to forgive, to just let it go. And I did. And it feels wonderful. It as we are are oh so fragile! and so blessed and resilient too.

The Divine Mother force is awake and I can feel her moving me today - moving through me and with me, moving my motivations and even my limbs at this momentous time with every breath. I am so grateful to be alive, to be a part of, to be a part with, and to be blossoming today, even through a hard-felt journey. Letting go has been a powerful message for me as of late, and letting go into something newer, bigger, grander. It is personal too. A deeply personal process and sacred, so sacred, too.

It is hard to speak of really and yet I feel compelled to write. And like all spiritual Truths that want be shared, somehow not speaking of it somehow doesn't do either. So here I jot for the day.

I am also embarking (soon to begin) on a new painting class, my first. I fell in love for a short while with intuitive abstract painting many years ago now, I dabbled, and then abandoned it for want of a studio space to slop and mess. But I am giving that up today. And setting grateful acceptance and anticipation in a small and neat little corner of my home. I feel enlivened again at having found a divine feminine circle and women to explore and open with in this way, and an inspirational spiritual coach (painting teacher), extraordinarily called, with this today.

Here is a short share from my journal. Not the most exciting reading, perhaps, but I felt I wanted to update this blogspace even as I know I am moving away from it, letting it go as well, and making room for the Emergence of Her that is happening, not just stirring any longer, but taking form and moving so many many women at this auspicious time.

I feel like we are in a kind of denouement from the recent/current astrological Grand Cross configuration. And I am just making a quick note of this time in great celebration and welcoming to all that is today.

The past is over. Indeed. And a new Birth is occurring. And the unknown has never felt more potent, more poignant, and more, well, gently unpredictable. I don't know where we're going... as my husband once jested on the highway, ... but we're on our way!

Here's to New and Unknown but Divinely Femininely Guided horizons. I love you. ~~ namaste ~~

A Note from my journal today:

Following the Feminine. I feel an alchemy in process, an enlivening, a cracking of the shell, the great old egg, and the emergence of something radically new. A new direction. I feel that I cannot wait to splash!, to paint, to color, to write, to dance!, again, but like never before. The artist in me emerging, in a whole new deep and newly enlivened way. Whatever that may be. Moving with Her moving through me. Trusting Her and allowing Her to breathe me, again. And She is. To find and have Her voice like never before. It is happening. It feels so personal, and yet, she wants to have her say. At long long last, allowing Her to embody me, to guide me, to live through me, as She is coming to life again now through so so many of us women. 

I feel Her, with such reverence, deep gratitude, so much gratitude to be alive, and moving in these auspicious days and moments. with Her moving through me. through you. unique in each of us. and yet as One. The Feminine Soul. Is Alive and emerging. And we may all soon dance, as we are each beginning to now in each of our Feminine and uniquely faceted ways, Her dance. But in a whole new radical way. I am awed by my male friends too who are responding to this call with such recognition and honor. The beauty and grace of opening to a new, and a decidedly Feminine, unknown. namaste ~~

first painting in progress .
may 2014

OK. So here She is with words She spoke:
5/31/14 Fini

with Narrative, 6.4.2014

I am Eagle Feather. A Medicine Woman for the ages.
I bring vision, Oneness and the tender power of having 
walked through the other side.

I am vision. I am healing. I am love.
I hold compassion and Unity for the All.

I hear animal whispers in the wind,
and Sweet Mother Earth is my Guide.
For so many years I searched for her,
The Mother of my heart,
and all living things.

Lotuses blossom in the core of my Being.

I am You. You are Me. We are One.

I hold the space for Emergence, Oneness and Resolution.

And I Am Here. 

Alexa Eagle Feather, 6.14.2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today's topic: Dealing with Anger 

Dear Awakened Journey: How do you not let anger overcome you when dealing with ppl who have an opposite opinion & try to ridicule you for your opinion? - signed, spirit of capricorn

Dear spirit, as you know, working with our anger is a lifelong learning and practice. We have to express our anger in order to release it, and the key (mastery) is to find healthy ways to do it.
Some people are not ready to embrace the fact that we have differing opinions and think that only theirs is "right". These people are great teachers, and great challenges, to us. Sometimes all we can do is to practice speaking our truth or opinion anyways and standing up firmly for that and ourselves. You can tell them with firm feet on the ground "I disagree. I feel that ... " and express your truth with integrity. You might also say, "I feel ... (hurt, angry, how you feel) when you attack me for my opinion, so I'm not going to discuss this further with you" and set a boundary. Setting boundaries out loud, and speaking our truth to the people, develops our inner strength and sense of self; and standing up for ourselves is also good for our health and self-care. When we do it we take our power back energetically. and then we can walk away. and honor the boundary that we set. Not always easy if/when the people are people who are in our everyday lives.
But express your feeling to them honestly and be prepared to walk away from arguing further about it. When we express out-loud that a person's attacks hurt and upset us, we are being response-able for our inner child and the place of our wound, aka, where it hurts. Then we can walk away and find people who accept us for who we are, and who are ready to have more healthy and conscious relationships with us, differing opinions and all.
It really is a trial and error process. But set boundaries as to what you will or will not take/take on. And if you need to get the anger out... find a sacred person or place to then express the rest of the full emotion. After speaking with the "petty tyrant" (teachers who push our buttons), you may have to go to your room and throw some pillows! and/or scream the words "Ughhh!!"or get the sounds out in order to move the rest of the energy through. It's also helpful to write or speak the words "I feel ANGRY that... (fill in the blanks)" and keep doing that until all or most of the anger (energy/emotion) is released (expressed).
So find a friend or person to share with afterwards who is safe to listen, or you can do it yourself through writing or shouting the words beginning with "I feel angry that...." It's kind of a combo of expressing our anger in healthy places and ways, and also setting boundaries with others who are not safe or conscious.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


good morning blessed friends on the path. this morning I am re-emerging, somewhat, after a 21+ day deep emersion sadhanna (spiritual emersion and practice) with the shakti goddess. January and this new year of 2014 are proving to be deep and powerful already. are you feeling it?  (slowly, slowly.)

I am on the surface now tapping into the rich deep soil that feeds me so lovingly this frozen winter morning. As the early morning opens outside sweet deer are foraging through the snow, and I am immensely blessed to witness them. yesterday I rested and cooked all day, a simple day, and it was bliss. There are no words to describe the power and depth of feeling whole and home and arriving as I begin my morning practice on this first day post-sadhanna held and awakened with new depth with the fullness of a shakti belly. I look forward to spending this bold new year with you. for now, I bid you a sacred awakening to the All, and a nestled winter day. love and Lak'ech ~ I am another you !!

Inanna No.3 by Liliana Kleiner - www.femininemoments.dk

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