Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: New Personal Dream, New Global Vision

To all friends on the Path,

We have walked together through the Shift. And we made it!! We have each been held and touched by each other's presence and Light on the Path. And everything that has come to pass has prepared us for this day and time. I am feeling soooo grateful!

This month we take our first steps together onto the soil of this new day, new cycle, new dream, 2013. It, and perhaps we, have arrived. ;) Let the magic begin!!

Wishing everyone out there in blog-browsing land an amazing, joyful day into a new and clearer you. The time has indeed arrived to enjoy a new personal paradigm and with intent a new Earth. Of course the only aspect of global transformation we ever need be concerned with is our own path and actions. Baby steps are ever ok and always so supported. As ... a New Dream has begun!

I also want to remind readers today (that's you) that this is a great time to create a New Dream/New Structure 2013 Vision Board, or "Dream Board" as some like to call them. As we celebrate and move somewhat slowly and wobbly into the new, it's been a long road year and it will be awhile yet getting acclamated to our new legs, I send you love and peace and gentleness, and hope to inspire you towards a little creativity as well. This is an easy and gentle way to begin to bring your heart's desire and conscious intent into the new year. Biggest happy dreaming!

A Project for This Month
from Alexa Major (me):

New Structure Vision Boards: A good time to Dream
Project: Create a New Dream/New Vision 2013 Vision Board

Happy New Year and New world cycle as well. We have surely and securely entered a new energetic season and I wanted to share with you a powerful tool that most of us are familiar with, though some of us may not realize how powerful a practice it is to do at this time. I invite you to participate and create this simple project this month while the new year energy is still ripe and potent.

The old cycle has shifted and we are entering a new age and new chapter in both our own and our collective consciousness. This is a ripe time to put together a vision map for our energy to follow of what we are truly wanting to create for ourselves at this time. We have already begun taking our first steps into a new foundation and structure for ourselves and our life this year.

I am inviting you all to participate with me. I am working on mine this month as well.

Here's what to do:

1. Set some time for yourself this week to sit in your sacred space and really get clear about what you would like to manifest this year. It could be a new foundation for wellness, career or work in the world, a global cause, financials, relationships, or anything you wish. You may also be working on creating space with some deeper issues so spend time with that as well. Really get clear in your meditation or quiet time what it would be like to have peace and joy in all areas of life. You may choose to include a global vision as well. Take the time to really feel into the depths of your heart's desire. There is no rush, no hurry, and plenty of time to clarify and really sit with this. The project will be more powerful if you can really be authentic with yourself around what you are willing to change and manifest. Let it connect more deeply than you may have previously experienced on such project. Breathe, this is exciting. (yes!)

When you are ready...

2. Pull together images and photos that match the feeling of what you are going to create. You can use magazines or pull and print them off the web. Gather the materials you will need to create your project: cardboard or poster paper, scissors, colored markers if you'd like, a glue pen, etc.

3. Set another block of time aside to make your collage. Save a 1-2 hour period and commit to holding this space just for you!

Complete your project in that session or if a few more things are to be added, by the end of the month.

Really en~joy and have fun with this creative process. Your vision board can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

4. Next, feel the excitement your in your spirit and cells as you feel resonance with these images. Dream BIG, always set your dreams a bit higher than you may even think or know you can create. You'll be surprised at how much of it comes to light and being over the course of the year.

I have worked with this practice in several powerful spiritual circles over the years and it is always amazing how these images come to life and manifest over the year without even thinking about it.

5. Display your vision board in your meditation area or room, or somewhere where you will see it every day you visit that part of your home. Once you have created and displayed it, you need not "do" anything else with it at all. Just post it somewhere and let it be. Let it "Be". The energy of your intent will do the rest.

6. Also, for members of, you may post your Vision Dream Board there in the blog section, and/or write out your NewYear Intent on your page under current goals and intents. This is ALL-WAYS a powerful and so so easy way to get clear and magnetize.

Create your 2013 new dream vision board BY THE END OF THIS MONTH! This is important!!

I promise you may be well amazed in a year how much of it has come into BEING. Share your project on site or somewhere with another to build more open energy and universal power around these blessed dreams. You may post it on site here in the blog section or in the group United Lightworkers In Peace where we have begun to gather some tribal and community power already.

My love, blessings and bestest wishes are with you each this year.

Feeling liberated? .... Share your vision board somewhere online this month!

I will post mine at before the end of the month.

Happy Blessed Intent Setting

as we begin this New and Powerful Cycle.