Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spider medicine?

Every evening this week my hubby and I have been watching a rather bulbous spider come out and spin a wonderous web across our back deck. She is so fascinating and it is amazing to watch. She shoots herself (and her web) across from the wall of the house to the posts and the chairs, and you can see her miticulous little "hands" working so fast and hard, like a master knitter, and with such precision.. each and every night. In the morning, the web is gone. No doubt (as my hubby describes it) blown away by the insects and wriggling from the night before. Then, just at dusk, she appears again on our porch, another mituculous spinning for another day's (or nite's) meal. - She does resemble Charlotte actually, and we are waiting to see "smart dog" written in her art! in the meantime, I am so inspired to honor my own daily routines. Of working, cleaning and preparing our meals. We may have to do them every day. But she is a glowing example of dedication to the daily chores that simply need to get done. On the other hand, I think her medicine is also that of a dream weaver. And of weaving a new dream. I'll have to look it up! and it has been fascinating to watch. namaste miraculous spider.

PT. II - Spider Medicine: Definitely
Our grandmother spider is at it again. She is huge and beautiful and definitely calling for our attention. We watch her every night. Had to look up the official medicine. Here it is:

Spider Medicine -- a feminine totem
1) Grandmother Spider was the woman who, out of her dreams, created the earth and the people who reside here (energy and the power of creativity). She is known as a great teacher, storyteller, as well as a protector and keeper of knowledge.

In her web she brought the alphabet to us (a form of communication and learning), as well as the ancient language of geometric shapes. In her web, she weaves the connections of past, present, and future (time) together. The web is spun in spirals, and she generally sits in the middle of it, gathering patience for things to come. As she waits there, she reminds us that we are all the center of our own world, but keeping in mind that we have a strong interaction with the rest of the universe. The web also represents the medicine wheel and the wheel of life. The web is constantly changing by what the universe brings to it, as mother spider begins her web anew each day.

The spider knows to follow the most direct route. Each spider has eight legs, which also form the number eight (8). When you see the number written, you will notice that it forms the infinity symbol, which encompasses all of time (past, present, and future). I believe that if you break down what infinity really is, it's just unconditional love and the energy of it. The eight legs are also representative of the four winds of change and the four directions. The body of the spider has two oval or round parts, also forming the number eight, and can represent the flow from one circle of life to another; death and rebirth; change. As the spider grows, it sheds its outer layer just as we let go of the things in life that we no longer need and which no longer serve us.

Contrary to popular belief, spiders are agile, gentle, strong, and extremely delicate creatures and are always a good sign when they show up in your life. They are also helpful in that they eat those little pesky buggers that like to dine on us!

Remember that each time we work on and heal ourselves, we are helping to heal everything and everyone else since we are all connected through the web. Live in love, light, and happiness! from

2) shorter version - Spider Medicine represents creativity. Its 8 legs represent the 4 winds of change and the 4 directions on the medicine wheel. Its body is in the shape of an 8, which represents infinite possibilities. "Spider people" must look beyond the web of illusion of the physical world and look beyond the horizon to other dimensions.
It means, "wake up girl and get creative. You've got a lot to say. Think, create, think, create." Needless to say, spider medicine was telling me to get back to my office and start weaving new patterns for my life. from

I feel so blessed to be in the presence of her great medicine. and I can't wait to see what magical web she weaves tonite!

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