Monday, July 18, 2011

Creating Space: letting go of stuff

After making a big move to Maryland recently, I am reflecting and enjoying the fact that I have let go of sooo many things!

I wanted and intended my new home to be what I call zen: clear, uncluttered, and only filled with things that fill and feed my current life and happiness. This meant letting go of old clothing that I no longer like or wear, old kitchen items like plates and things I rarely used, and even many of my old once-treasured spiritual and healing books. My current bookcase holds 9, sometimes 10 books, books that I am currently reading or refer to and simply one or two of my powercharged (or cooking!)favorites. This feels good and right for me. It is also easier to keep clean and I am enjoying my new practice of respecting my space by not only keeping but enjoying keeping my living space tidy and clear, and I am... enjoying it that is!

I am also loving being here in Maryland very much. It is beautiful, multi-cultural, rich in warmth and spirit, and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It is so green with trees everywhere, and with the coast waters nearby and a wonderful kind of humidity and nurture, it feels similar to a rainforest (to me). And my body is loving that too.

This was a very welcomed surprise for me. And I am truly embracing it. We, my hubby and I both that is, are also enjoying many new and/or reunited friendships and already a sense of community that we were missing very much. I feel so blessed.

The creating of my new space has also come at the right time for me, a time for expanding both my inner and outer spaces again, and of deepening my inner study and its meaning to me.

Here are a few first pics from Maryland, on a cloudy day. Wishing you peace and wellbeing, and the freedom of releasing some (inner or outer) clutter today!