Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Eagle Mandala

Eagle Medicine: Last Fall I began a personal mandala project and also practice shamanic ritual in my spiritual life. About a month ago I was working to create an eagle mandala that I was feeling in my heart and having a difficult time of it as I am not usually good at drawing. Should I get a stencil? Print out a photo? Make a collage ...instead? There are numerous and limitless ways to create a piece. Well I settled on another design for the time being but today I stumbled upon the work of a beautiful shamanic artist. Included was this beautiful eagle mandala. It was so close to the feeling I wanted to create for myself that I wanted to share it today along with the artist's narrative on eagle medicine. And I am somehow adopting this mandala too today as my own. Namaste.


Look up and see me soar. I am the messenger that brings you spirit. I can fly beyond the clouds and ride the high winds with my powerful wings. I bring you the ability to go beyond any limits, to step outside your comfort zone and be safe.

I hold the sun close and find renewal in the cleansing rays that purge me. I am the core. I am the heart of all things.

I am the source of all creation. Watch me and learn to trust your own creative impulse. Do you see what you can do? Do you hear the music of your mind? Are you compelled to follow your inspiration. Lean on me and let me show you how.

I will lead you to the edge of all things, show you where the world ends. And I will bring you back, safe within the long feathers of my wings.

Come to me and hear your heart. Listen to what it is saying. I will take you into the truth of your emotion, deep into the core of your being.

Though your journey with me may be challenging, I will give you strength to endure, to follow the shining vision to the end. I will ground you and protect you and give you the courage to pounce at the most appropriate time. I never hunt unnecessarily but I know in an instant when the right opportunity presents.

Let me teach you to listen to your inner wisdom, to follow your inner vision, to connect to your inner truth.

I am swift. I am strong. I am courageous and wise. I see all things. I bring illumination into the darkness of despair. I am healing. I am magic. I am freedom, honour and respect. Hear my call. I am calling you to your highest path. See my flight and follow me. I am leading you beyond the boundaries of your limited vision.

I am EAGLE. I will teach you to believe.

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addendum ~

My Eagle came to me too finally and after all... here she is:

My Eagle Mandala

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