Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meditative Moment: Deep Listening

Meditative Moment: Deep Listening

As we slowly move into the experience of light returning I have really been honoring my deep listening time. It has been humble. and profound. simple. and healing. and deeply nurturing too. Paradigms are shifting before and within us. and seeds planted during the heart links of this deep winter season are beginning to take shape, even if we still do not know ourselves what those shapes will be. It is sacred time. awakening time. creative time. gentle time. good for personal contemplation and creativity within and without. and for those answers that you seek? there is nothing better than deep listening. Inquire within. heart emoticon

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Uses of Sorrow

Someone I loved once
Gave me a Box full of Darkness.
It took me Years to understand
That this too was a Gift.

-Mary Oliver,
The Uses of Sorrow

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shamanic Practices: How to Use Plants and Ritual to Listen, Connect with Other Dimensions and Heal

Plant Medicine: How to use plants and ritual to listen, connect with other dimensions and heal.
Story from Flower Essence Society (FES)
Client Asks: My friend has a wonderful plant that she has been growing for quite some time. She has just experienced a traumatic divorce from an abusive husband, and now the plant is blooming for the first time in many years, coincidentally, now that this man is gone. I was wondering if I should try and make an essence for her from the plant, and wish to know your opinion regarding my idea.
FES: It is wonderful to be in touch with your friend and to support her on the soul level during a time when she is finding the strength to change her life. Plants definitely respond to our soul environment, and send us messages in this way. Recently I heard from a friend who experienced an unusual flowering of a plant in her garden after her mother died. She went on to commune with this plant, and through its vehicle, to connect with her mother’s soul in another dimension.
You can certainly make a medicine from this plant if it feels right for you — of course that’s your choice. Since you are asking for our opinion, we would clarify that Dr. Bach’s original work involved the cosmic signatures of each plant in concert with the four elements. So this is why they were all made at the typical blooming time in spring or summer and outdoors in the natural habitat—where there was not only one unusual bloom, but a whole community of plants, with many blossoms. Each of the four elements would be in a strong condition of harmony—sun, earth, water, air — as one finds most especially during the spring and summer in our hemisphere. This creates an archetypal medicine that can be used broadly.
We do not know what plant you mean, or how many blossoms it has — whether it is a single plant or community of them, etc. But keep in mind, that in addition to making a plant medicine, per se, there are other ways to set up a route of communication and healing. This would be especially important if there are only a few blossoms on the plant and you might not want to disturb its delicate and solitary condition. Prayers and ritual and various forms of meditation can be established in concert with the plant and is location near you. For example, my friend created a stone circle around her plant and made ritual offerings to the plant spirit (tobacco and corn). Then she set in the circle a picture of her mother, a favorite piece of jewelry from he mother, and a candle her mother had in her room as her spirit passed over. She came to the circle on a regular basis and began to receive via the plant deva, wonderful messages from her mother.
So, the bottom line is — use your intuition in partnership with your friend. This plant is definitely speaking something to your friend. By doing this, you will know the right way to proceed and the right healing technique to use to access the plant's message.
Also if you do not have Eliot Cowan’s book "Plant Spirit Medicine," I strongly suggest reading it now or in the future. It outlines many wonderful ways to work with the higher dimension of plants.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Goddess Returns In 2015, by Sophie Bashford

I am deep within the feminine void of new creation. Although the season is fading, it is still winter here, the later season of stirring from hibernation, inner reflection, and deep gestation. I love my winter walks and connecting with the fresh air and skylight of the fading winter days, and I am feeling the presence of the Divine Mother's Shakti deeply. I came upon this message today from Her and the lovely Sophie Bashford.~ I wanted to share.
For those who are hearing and heeding Her call at this time (the call of the Divine Feminine) this is for you:

A blog from the lovely Sophie Bashford
@ http://www.sophiebashford.com/blog/


Let Her prove Her Love to you, this year, Beloved Emissary of the Sacred Feminine Light. You will discover, as this year unfolds it's wings, that you are worthy of more love, more care, more devotion, more overflowing passion than you ever believed in, or knew was there for you. 

She has been waiting patiently to love you for longer than you can comprehend. She has been waiting to breathe new life into you, to set your delicate heart alight with flames of sacred love, to show the world how magnificent, radiant and glorious you are. 

The Time Has Come to fall, blissfully, without restraint nor shame, into Her adoring, devoted arms. 

~ Sophie Bashford

2015 is a year in which the Goddess Returns with more force and strength than ever before in the modern age. The preparations for this Divine Feminine resurgence have been underway for many years. Those who have elected, as part of their Sacred Contracts, to assist with the rebirth of these primal Shakti energies on Earth are being organised with great precision by Spirit.

The Ones who have been chosen to anchor, channel, and midwife the Great Birth of the Goddess Spirit onto the Earth plane once more will most likely have had their lives significantly shifted over the past 7-10 years. This is so that the ancient Life Codes of She can be once again accessed and trusted; so that those who were initiated in the powerful language of the Divine Feminine Essence can open up their personal sacred channels and once more be the conduits for the Goddess to radiate Her unequalled Life Forces.

These Divine Healing forces are urgently needed to re-balance and re-stabilise the energy currents presently working through the Earth planes.

Many Emissaries of the Goddess are only recently being Called into Action. It may only be in the last few years, or past months, that they have felt the distant, yet profoundly deep and aching longing to be once again reunited with Her, and to answer the Sacred Call for devotion to all that She represents.

Some Emissaries and Channels for the Divine Feminine Spirit are only just being stirred into Life again - but for ALL chosen and elected Channels of the Divine She-Forces, 2015 will prove to be a pivotal time of unprecedented activity and renewal.

When the Ones who carry the Codes of the Sacred Feminine are contacted, and reminded that they too have a central role to play in midwifing and supporting the new birth of the Goddess Energies, they nearly always find that their Earthly lives are required to change (sometimes dramatically) in order for their energy fields to accommodate the Mission.

Plainly speaking, if you find that your life being re-ordered in perhaps unsettling and uncomfortable ways, whilst you simultaneously are experiencing an overwhelming, irresistible Call to follow a new path - one that is more aligned with your True Self, your deep inner creativity, your urges to follow your heart, your desires to be free and uninhibited by social or familial expectations - you are more than likely being Called into Action by the Goddess now.

For many Souls such as this, who have profound links and past life experiences with the Divine Feminine in various early civilisations around the globe, you could find that your life takes on a quality and shape that you have not designed this year.

You are probably aware of the first whispers and murmurs of these changes, but will have no idea how the Goddess can radically and dramatically overhaul your existence in order to get you where She needs you to be.

You are in Her Service - and you agreed to it many, many distant lifetimes ago. There is no turning back from the Divine Mission of your Lifetimes. You are needed, you are prepared internally and spiritually (even if you are not presently aware of this), and you will be used as a messenger, an advocate, a torchlight of Divine Feminine power.

You cannot stop the tidal wave of energies that are now poised to flood your way. There is no stopping this accelerating Plan as it continues it's pre-destined course. You are meant to be doing things differently; you are meant to be breaking out of old patterns and conditions; you are meant to be heading resolutely into the Unknown (although it is actually more planned than you realise).

The Goddess is supporting, guiding, leading you more than ever as we begin our new calendar year and open up to 2015. You will enter territories that you never knew existed, let alone could plan to travel to. You will be taken to new levels of intimacy, new vistas of spiritual awareness, new horizons of consciousness regarding your own incredible, awe-inspiring creative and Divine powers of transformation.

Take a deep breath on this first day of 2015, because you are right now being spotlighted by the Goddess Herself - the Prime Creatrix of All. This is the most powerful and mesmerising spiritual contact you could ever experience.

You have been Called into Action, on Her behalf, on the most necessary and urgently needed healing Mission that has existed for eons. Much will change this year, as you shed old skins, old, draining and heavy relationships and conditions, and take the hand of the Goddess Herself. She will charge you with a Light that is beyond comprehension, beyond compare, beyond the visions of your wildest dreaming.

Take a breath, and prepare to roll with the changes, for there will be many, and they will be deep-rooted, long-lasting, and potent. This is not a time to run and hide from your destiny. It is a time to surrender more deeply than you have ever done, and let Her lead you into a New World, one more beautiful, more ecstatic, more electrifying than you ever thought you were worthy of.

You are the most worthy, because you have proved to Her over many lifetimes of initiation that you are trustworthy to carry out this most Holy of Missions.

Let Her prove Her Love to you, this year, Beloved Emissary of the Sacred Feminine Light. You will discover, as this year unfolds it's wings, that you are worthy of more love, more care, more devotion, more overflowing passion than you ever believed in, or knew was there for you.

She has been waiting patiently to love you for longer than you can comprehend. She has been waiting to breathe new life into you, to set your delicate heart alight with flames of sacred love, to show the world how magnificent, radiant and glorious you are.

The Time Has Come to fall, blissfully, without restraint nor shame, into Her adoring, devoted arms.

She Will Never Leave You. Jump off the cliff edge, Dear One, because She is ready to catch, support and love you into flight.

by Sophie Bashford

Sophie Bashford
She Changes Everything She Touches
What is the power of a woman who has opened to the sacredness and Divine truth of herself? What happens when she has the courage to bring the inner light outwards? What transpires when she softens her hard edges, plants her bare feet on the soul of the earth, opens her sacred channels to the Ancient Ones and declares, "Yes, I am ready to be seen?"
She changes everything she touches.
The pulse of Life that was given as she incarnated as feminine form, housing extraordinary creative and healing powers, begins to throb faster, deeper, with a rhythm in tune with the universal, eternal heartbeat.
With each throb, each memory-stirring resonance, each vibration subtly speaking ancient words of remembering, She begins to come alive to Her Shakti Essence. This is a conscious, intelligent, prescient, truthful and profoundly transformative energy.
She begins to change. She feels changes on the inside, calling her to a Old Dance that can be heard up in the hills, up in the mountains, out near the sea. The Dancing is in time to a sensuous and seductive rhythm, and there are voices, chanting, music, laughter. It is the sound of women who are in love with themselves; in love with the Earth; in love with the oceans; in love with the sky. It is the sound of women changing, and supporting one another as they do so. It is the sound of women loving, with pure sacred force, and bringing their love to all places that are wounded, terrified, shaking, and lost.
The circles of women who are dancing realise that they change everything they touch. They realise that their powers are immense, omnipotent, unfathomable, essential. They have been reminded by the Great Goddess that if they do not rise up now, if they do not open themselves to this energy, this support, this love, this power - that the promulgation of the Divine Feminine light will greatly suffer.
It is time to remember that when She is in connection with Her deepest knowing, Her deepest wisdom, Her deepest intuitive responses, her deepest healing medicine, her deepest loving heart - She Changes Everything She Touches.
Her Light will affect every room she enters. It will alter the balance of energies within every person she encounters. It will spark off transformation and healing within each and every situation that she is brought into contact with.
She has a power that has been gained through lifetimes of learning and practicing with the Great Ones, lifetimes of pulling herself through ritual after ritual, rite after rite, initiation after initiation. She has worked from dawn until dusk, through the night, hour upon hour, breath upon breath, to hone and develop the Sacred Essence of Woman. She has worked hard, and long, to prove to the Goddess that she is capable of this mission. She is trustworthy, pure, wild and infinitely connected to Light.
She can bring down the energies, she can pull up the healing, she can work her magic with lightning-speed - all without you ever knowing she is doing anything. You are probably just chatting with her. You might be receiving a hug from her. You may be walking with her. You might be asking her to use her abilities just for you. You might even be making love with her. Be prepared, for a level of transformation to occur that is relative to the level at which you have engaged her energy field.
You must be aware of who you are dealing with. These women are everywhere now, but they are usually unrecognised by the masses. Those who 'know' will see them instantly, by the way their bodies shimmer and glow with truth; their eyes appear like Mysteries, rich with knowledge that pierces the Soul; their hearts seem to embrace, comfort and cherish without a single word spoken.
They are magnetic, unforgettable and ravishing, because the Goddess is alive within them. Wave upon wave of nourishing light emanates from their bodies and flows to where it is needed - healing, restoring, transmuting. Powers such as these have long been forgotten on our planet, so it may come as a surprise when you are touched by this energy that you cannot understand nor forget. When you meet her, only remember this.
She Changes Everything She Touches, so prepare to be changed.
She Changes Everything She Touches, so realise that you called her into your life for a reason.
She Changes Everything She Touches, so be aware that she will bring up in you what needs to transform.
She Changes Everything She Touches, but don't ask her how she does it.
Those kind of secrets rest in the sacred vaults of Heaven, the most hidden natural places on Earth, the most arcane tombs and temples of the Mystery.
Someday, in the very distant future, you may get to witness her Divine methods and be permitted to enter her private, sacred domains of healing and magic. This day is a long way off. Until then, all you need to know is this:
She changes everything she touches.