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FORGIVENESS and SELF LOVE are not meant to be exclusive. 

Forgiveness is just letting it go. But self care - self love - must also accompany forgiveness in order to find the relief you seek from hurt, anger and suffering. You may need to forgive yourself and walk away from harmful toxic people in order to experience lasting peace and wellbeing, the ultimate gifts of letting it go. 

You cannot experience true forgiveness while giving up your personal power (aka your Truth). You must find your own way to honor both.
protecting the child within

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lotus Sutra - Second Chapter


Myoho renge kyo — The wonderful Law of the Lotus Sutra
Ho ben pon dai ni: Skillful Ways
Ni Ji Se Son — There the World Honored One
Ju San Mai — Quietly came up
An Jo Ni Ki — From his samadhi
Go Shari Hotsu — And said to Shariputra:
Sho Bu' Chi E — The wisdom of the Buddhas
Jin Jin Mu Ryo — Is profound and cannot be measured
Go Chi E Mon — Its gate is hard to understand
Nange Nan Nyu — And difficult to enter.
Is Sai Sho Mon — No Shravaka-Disciple
Hyaku Shi Butsu — Or Self-taught buddha
Sho Fu No Chi — Can understand it.
Sho I Sha Ga — Why is that? (because!)
Butsu Zo Shin Gon —the [present] Buddhas attended on many
Hyaku Sen Man Noku — hundreds of thousands of billions
Mu Shu Sho Butsu — Of [past] Buddhas,
Jin Gyo Sho Butsu — And practiced the many teachings
Mu Ryo Do Ho — Of those Buddhas bravely and energetically
Yu Myo Sho Jin — To their far-flung fame till they attained
Myo Sho Fu Mon — The profound Law
Jo Ju Jin Jin — Which you've never heard before,
Mi Zo U Ho — And also because they are exposing
Zui Gi Sho Setsu — The Law according to the capacities
I Shu Nan Ge — Of all living beings a way that the intention is hard to understand
Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!
Go Ju Jo Butsu I Rai — Since I became Buddha, I also
Shu Ju In Nen — Have been stating various teachings
Shu Ju Hi Yu — With different stories of previous lives,
Ko En Gon Kuyo — Various parables, and various similes.
Mu Shu Ho Ben — I have been leading all living beings
In Do Shu Jo — With countless expedients
Ryo Ri Sho Jaku — In order to save them from materialism,
Sho I Sha Ga — Because I have the power
Nyo Rai Ho Ben — To employ skills,
Chi Ken Hara Mitsu — And the power to perform
Kai I Gu Soku — The Paramita (reached goal of wisdom) of insight
Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!
Nyo Rai Chi Ken —The insight of the Tathagatas
Ko Dai Jin Non — Is wide and deep.
Mu Ryo Mu Ge — They have all the [states of mind
Riki Mu Sho I — Towards] countless [living beings],
Zen Jo Ge Da's' San Mai — unchecked [intelligence], powers,
Jin Nyu Mu Sai — Fearlessness, dhyana-concentrations,
Jo Ju Is Sai — Liberations and samadhis. They entered
Mi Zo U Ho — Deep into no limits, and attained the Law which you've never heard before
Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!
Nyo Rai Nyo Shu Ju Fun Betsu —The Tathagatas divide the Law
Gyo Ses Sho Ho — Into various teachings, and state
Gon Ji Nyu Nan — Those teachings so gently and skillfully
Ek Ka Shu Shin — That living being are delighted.
Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!
Shu Yo Gon Shi — In short, the Buddhas attained
Mu Ryo Mu Hen — The countless teachings
Mi Zo U Ho — Which you've never heard before
Bus Shitsu Jo Ju — No more
Shi — Will I say
Shari Hotsu — Shariputra
Fu Shu Bu Setsu — Because the Law
Sho I Sha Ga — attained by the Buddhas
Bus Sho Jo Ju — Is the highest Truth.
Dai Ichi Ke U — Rare [to hear] and hard
Nan Ge Shi Ho —To understand.
Yui Butsu Yo Butsu — Only the Buddhas attained
Nai No Ku Jin — The highest Truth, that is

Sho Ho Jis So — The Reality of All Things
Sho I Sho Ho — In regards to:
Nyo Ze So — Their appearances (form? shape? size? ) as such,
Nyo Ze Sho — Thier natures (essence) as such,
Nyo Ze Tai — Their embodiments (present incarnation) as such,
Nyo Ze Riki — Their powers (potentiality also possibilities) as such,
Nyo Ze Sa — Their activities (function or role) as such,
Nyo Ze In — Their primary causes (obvious cause) as such,
Nyo Ze En — Their environmental causes (process) as such,
Nyo Ze Ka — Their effects (latent or hidden effect) as such,
Nyo Ze Ho — Their requital (final outcome or return) as such,
Nyo Ze Hon Ma' Ku Kyo To — And the combination of these [factors] as such (over and over again)

more ~ http://www.buddhanet.net/chant-nichiren.htm or


Sunday, December 20, 2015



And the Truth is... Love.
If it's not Love, it's not the Truth.

Love risks everything
The faux but outward safety
of keeping inner fires hidden in the status quo

True Love speaks up and out
From the heart
It cannot be silenced or quenched
No matter how soft and tender it feels on the inside of the rage against injustice and suffering
Or the threats of public or personal
Or how it pushes our own comfort zones

Love is the Creed of the Spiritual Warrior
The beloved Archangel
The Fierce Mother
The Bohdisattva heart & mind & Soul

Love may not be the norm yet in this world
(When it is we shall have Conscious Peace)
But it is growing
And it is the only thing
That has ever changed,
or will save,
This Earth .

Alexa Surya Karuna Major 1.19.17

You can use this knowing to discern everything we will witness being touted by this coming administration too: 
And the Truth is... Love.
If it's not Love, it's not the Truth.

image: cape_cod_tree_services via googleImages

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heading into Dreaming Season

This will be my last Awakened Journey blog post which is actually long overdue as the Feminine force of re-creation has certainly been having her way with us and just about everything during the past several years, hasn't She? 
In our world today we call for global sanity, change and healing and have rocky days ahead yet, but what a momentous time to be alive. May the courageous healing work we have completely or continue individually and collectively support the collective and personal benefit of all. As we continue to pray and envision and act towards the rebirthing and awakening of our earth and world and protection for all sentient beings and our earth herself, let us remember to call often upon the sacredness of all things. And celebrate the beauty, it is everywhere. Just keep looking and looking, just keep looking again until you see it. In deepest compassion for All, the Awakened Soul, Thank you for travelling with me. 

In love and in Lak'Ech
I am another you
Alexa Ashikia*Eaglefeather , the name the dolphins and the Earth mother gave me 

A prayer for our World. It needs it so deeply right now. 

Oh, Eagle, come with wings
outspread in sunny skies.
Oh, Eagle, come and bring us
peace, thy gentle peace.
Oh, Eagle, come and give
new life to us who pray.

Remember the circle of the sky,
the stars, and the brown eagle,
the great life of the Sun
the young within the nest.

Remember the 
Sacredness of All Things

Pawnee Prayer / Oh Eagle

photo: Roy Handcliff @Barclay Media google.images
above photo: Teotihuacan, Mexico - Pyramid of the Sun 

Preparing for Winter Solstice - Transitioning from Old to New

Preparing for Winter Solstice ~ Transitioning from Old to New

I spent the day on Wednesday cleansing the entire home with sage and palo santo. The weather here was mild, so all windows were open and it felt... wonderful! I also spent an equal amount of time inviting in New Energies, the Four Directions Blessings, the Present moment (and fresh new conscious energy, we and our world need us to stay Here) and offering some gifts for the approaching Solstice. After a long deep year of butt kicking inner work clearing out the proverbial cobwebs and coming to stand in an entirely new and transformed space and perspective with it all, it felt great. In the process I created an altar mandala that supports the deep collective call I am feeling for conscious Love, Forgiveness & Peace on Earth.

Here's a great piece from Shamanic Path today. We're all on the same page and wavelength. Enjoy ~ ~~ ☆

Winter Solstice is Monday, December 21 at 9:49PM MST
Dear Friends,

This is the darkest time, the still point that marks the TRANSITION from dark to light. It is a fitting image for our times as the conscious collective holds a container for the planet to move more into the light through compassion and love. Forgiveness would be an excellent theme for this Solstice. Forgiving yourself, others and all our relations on the planet for all the karmic debt that we have individually and collectively carried throughout history and other lifetimes.

There is enough energy in the new platform to accomplish this. It is important to do something around this solstice time frame. Create a ritual, or do a renewal process, some intention setting and lots of prayer. Although this solstice is not necessarily an easy time, it is a powerful time and if you use it well it can jump start your year in a positive way.

Here is a suggestion for a ritual to do around this solstice time.

Make an offering that you can either burn or bury of something written or drawn on a piece of paper folded up. You can add symbolic objects, photos, incense, sage, and decorations. Tie it up or just fold the paper around your offering. Say a prayer where you ask the Spirit of the WEST and Pacha Mama to receive that which you are letting go of, leaving behind and completing on this solstice. Breathe all the energy and emotions connected to your release into your offering and then bury or burn it, releasing it to spirit. Make sure to include great gratitude for all the lessons, wisdom and growth you acquired over the past year. Include forgiveness and compassion for yourself and for others.

Once you do a ritual like this it is important to fill the new space with something fresh and new. You may not know what that is yet, but you can symbolize it with flowers, beauty, love and joy. And for those who do know exactly what you wish to bring in, write it, or draw it and place it on an altar or in a place where you can honor it daily as you move

Note: for those of you on the other side of the equator, your solstice is a summer one. The same ritual can apply as it is a powerful time to transition from one aspect of your life to another.

The Power Path

photo: my altar to the four directions

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Metamorphose? Dissoulution? Reconfiguration? Summer of 2015, Reflections and Astrology

Metamorphosis? Dissolution? Reconfiguration? Transfiguration, anyone?
It's been a rich and potent couple of months with a gentle touch as Venus went retrograde late July nudging us into another sweet supportive dive into persephones shadows (our core issues) with the promise of emerging faithfully in bright rebirth around the 18th and a completion of this cycle on Sept. 6.
The night of the Perseids Meteor Shower I was moved (in no uncertain terms) to perform a dissolution fire ceremony on my earth and into and just beyond the midnight hour. (then I rested.) 2  days later I am still feeling in that re-member-ing yet still partly altered state of reconfigurartion where renewal of the physical/cellular and vibrational structure and deep energetic restructuring and reordering occurs. It is a slow ongoing process to be honored; and the beautiful image I have of the reconfiguartion process was not unlike a fetus being formed anew in the dark red and black mysterious void of the mother's womb, where within the soft dark mysterious and intelligent (loving) living sacred fluid of the Her space (a veritable potent universe of creation), and with the stillness and precision of a Wisdom (and Love) greater than we can imagine, new cells and even functioning organs and systems are formed and fashioned, miraculously, into a tiny functioning universe of its own.  A bodyworker who supported my process this week shared this insight around the same: when our new bodies are grown, maybe a tiny liver is fashioned first in the darkness, a mystery as it grows in the void, later a beating heart and a lung, in tiny precise increments and movement. It was such a beautiful visual, and not unlike a living musical symphony, being guided by something so vast and highly Intelligent (Love) from seemingly no-thing in a vast void or grander universe of liquid darkness and love, the shapeless shaping dance of literal Creation Itself. Life is such a miracle! I took this visual into and from my recent ceremony as all was offered and dismembered from the past, including these bones and this body, and a new form and energetic structure was reordered and rebuilt. It was quite the ritual.
Reflecting on this potent week and ceremony I was reminded of the butterfly again, transfigured first into and then out of liquid without agenda. but with the mystery and miracle of a Divinely inspired and Intelligent Creative Force, from one form into a new form previously unknown and even unheard of. This is the great Mystery of the Unknown, and of Her, the Feminine Force and Way, that I have been trying to express (and failing miserably at) for the past couple months.

Shamanic Dissolution Ceremonies are performed at moments and junctures of death and rebirth, when something, some phase, a core relationship, (with self or another), life issue, pattern, or story/history/herstory is ending, and ready for the breakdown life/death/life cycle (and composting) of falling away, dismemberment, death and REBIRTH (with any type of death there is always a Rebirth) cycle in a powerful way. Many of us are experiencing these movements and experiences at this momentous cosmic 2015 summer juncture.
Dissolution (and reconfiguration) ceremony is perhaps optimally performed during the waning (decreasing) moon cycle, after the full moon has peaked and just before the New Moon rises(the new moon Intent seeding thus carrying forward the momentum of the rebuilding energy). but it can be performed any time a person feels ready and called deeply to die to the old at a truly profound and completed level, and rest wholly in the process of beginning the slow but mystical (and sometimes mythical) process of reconfiguring a new and newly formed way of being, living, personhood, and even sometimes physical, body, personality and life.
more on shamanic dissoul-ution (there's that typo again), reconfiguration, transfiguration and Feminine-guided Shamanic practices coming soon.

found on googleimages, artist Eva Ruiz

In the meantime, and especially perhaps as a Leo Lady, I feel deep joy and blessings that these profound and loving, and deep and dedicated, (I mean let's face it, this has not been easy work, now, either, has it? This challenging difficult and so often uncomfortable healing and transformative paths and processes of the warrior or the Angel-on-Earth soul), and/but I am feeling so held and blessed that these cosmic collective movements are occurring so potently now, during our summer season here in the northern hem. It is prime time and weather too, with our still long and warmer sound-filled evenings (can you hear the full-fledged croaking of ciccadas and sweet music of vast cricket colonies where you live? What summer night sounds can you hear?) to camp out on the land and spend long nights under the starry active sweet and mythical skies. If you feel called to sit on the earth, rest your head or full body offering on her great and grounding belly, put your ear to the Earth to hear/feel her message (such love and unconditional support and sustenance She provides), rest, let go, breathe and let gooo... now is the time. En~joy. Shared reflections for today. heart emoticon

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shaman.Earth Meditation

by Alexa MajorZipf

Step out onto the earth,
Let your feet push gently into the dirt
Close your eyes
Sit down.
Send your roots down, down, so far down.
deep into the Earth.
Send your love into Her center.
As she receives your love, the Earth responds.
She sends you back a stream of
bright bold deep green energy up from her core.
Receive it.
Up through your shushumna.
Rising ounce by ounce.
and continue the process until it flows up and out
into the cosmos.
Slowly now.
And then settles back down and focuses steadily into you heart.
Keep exchanging love with Mother Earth.
Now feel the Universe's energy entering down through your crown.
from up in the heavens.
Divine energy enters through the top of your head
and spreads through your whole being and body like melting butter.
From your crown, Divine golden energy flows through you
and is sent all the way down into the earth,
until it settles back up to rest and meet in your HeArt.
Let these two Mother energies meet in your heart,
the Earth from below, the Divine from above.
Let them fill every cell in your body and being,
and even in between the in between spaces.
Let these Energies fill and radiate out from within you,
but only when It has completely filled you first.
Let Earth.Mother's green energy and
Divine.Mother's golden-pinkish energy meet at
the center of your Universe,
And fill and flood you and your physical body
with healing, groundedness and nourishment
for your life and soul.
It is a deep rich process. Allow slowly and steadily.
There is no hurry.
You are the place where Heaven meets the Earth.
Live it.
Breathe it.
Know it.
~ Namaste