Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening this weekened. I am feeling like Mamma is Home.
What a deep and deeply reverent process. With the activation and then Earth energy climbing in and mixing so happily with the Energy Divine from the Crown. 
Feeling Kundalini entering my body is like being grounded on a whole new level. The Toltec and other Shaman see Kundalini in one regard as the winged snake Quetzalcoatal winding, the coiled serpent unwinding, and she has been moving up these past years and now from South into North America in deep green blessed ways.
Here and there and everywhere, She is guiding us, loving us, Awakening us to our Wholeness, and letting us know that She is here for Us. Let her enter and re-Awaken you to who You truly Are!
From the Earth, this bright or dark green energy can merge and mix with that from the Heavens. Golden at the top. Merging Earth and Sky.
Our great Divine Parents, Hers is pink and gentle, and Earth Mother's so deep and green and True. Holding and loving us forever, providing for us everything we need to live and dance on Earth.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Emergence and the Divine Feminine

[ my first painting will go here - here she is in progress]

It is the beginning of early Spring and such a deep and powerful emerging is happening now. The birds build their nests, new life and Birth can be seen all around us. And sometimes, the lessons of nature show loss with new life as well. My husband came upon a sweet hearted baby bunny yesterday. And within the hour my dog had escaped the fence and she was no more. Though saddened and heartfelt of course, I was somehow able to accept her great message as well. This beloved angel of nature showing me as she will that this is nature, and part of a greater design that we sometimes simply cannot understand or bear to witness. Yet we must. With honor too. My dog meant no harm when she took the baby into her playful smile. She carried the little body around like a toy, a prize, that her canine nature was abounded to do. When it fell from her mouth my husband took the sweet fallen body and buried it near our statue of St. Francis. So innocent. So pure.

She, this little one, will be back I am certain. And her short incarnation here, so innocent, so tiny, moved me in a very big way. She moved me to phone my mother, to reconcile, to forgive, to just let it go. And I did. And it feels wonderful. It as we are are oh so fragile! and so blessed and resilient too.

The Divine Mother force is awake and I can feel her moving me today - moving through me and with me, moving my motivations and even my limbs at this momentous time with every breath. I am so grateful to be alive, to be a part of, to be a part with, and to be blossoming today, even through a hard-felt journey. Letting go has been a powerful message for me as of late, and letting go into something newer, bigger, grander. It is personal too. A deeply personal process and sacred, so sacred, too.

It is hard to speak of really and yet I feel compelled to write. And like all spiritual Truths that want be shared, somehow not speaking of it somehow doesn't do either. So here I jot for the day.

I am also embarking (soon to begin) on a new painting class, my first. I fell in love for a short while with intuitive abstract painting many years ago now, I dabbled, and then abandoned it for want of a studio space to slop and mess. But I am giving that up today. And setting grateful acceptance and anticipation in a small and neat little corner of my home. I feel enlivened again at having found a divine feminine circle and women to explore and open with in this way, and an inspirational spiritual coach (painting teacher), extraordinarily called, with this today.

Here is a short share from my journal. Not the most exciting reading, perhaps, but I felt I wanted to update this blogspace even as I know I am moving away from it, letting it go as well, and making room for the Emergence of Her that is happening, not just stirring any longer, but taking form and moving so many many women at this auspicious time.

I feel like we are in a kind of denouement from the recent/current astrological Grand Cross configuration. And I am just making a quick note of this time in great celebration and welcoming to all that is today.

The past is over. Indeed. And a new Birth is occurring. And the unknown has never felt more potent, more poignant, and more, well, gently unpredictable. I don't know where we're going... as my husband once jested on the highway, ... but we're on our way!

Here's to New and Unknown but Divinely Femininely Guided horizons. I love you. ~~ namaste ~~

A Note from my journal today:

Following the Feminine. I feel an alchemy in process, an enlivening, a cracking of the shell, the great old egg, and the emergence of something radically new. A new direction. I feel that I cannot wait to splash!, to paint, to color, to write, to dance!, again, but like never before. The artist in me emerging, in a whole new deep and newly enlivened way. Whatever that may be. Moving with Her moving through me. Trusting Her and allowing Her to breathe me, again. And She is. To find and have Her voice like never before. It is happening. It feels so personal, and yet, she wants to have her say. At long long last, allowing Her to embody me, to guide me, to live through me, as She is coming to life again now through so so many of us women. 

I feel Her, with such reverence, deep gratitude, so much gratitude to be alive, and moving in these auspicious days and moments. with Her moving through me. through you. unique in each of us. and yet as One. The Feminine Soul. Is Alive and emerging. And we may all soon dance, as we are each beginning to now in each of our Feminine and uniquely faceted ways, Her dance. But in a whole new radical way. I am awed by my male friends too who are responding to this call with such recognition and honor. The beauty and grace of opening to a new, and a decidedly Feminine, unknown. namaste ~~

first painting in progress .
may 2014

OK. So here She is with words She spoke:
5/31/14 Fini

with Narrative, 6.4.2014

I am Eagle Feather. A Medicine Woman for the ages.
I bring vision, Oneness and the tender power of having 
walked through the other side.

I am vision. I am healing. I am love.
I hold compassion and Unity for the All.

I hear animal whispers in the wind,
and Sweet Mother Earth is my Guide.
For so many years I searched for her,
The Mother of my heart,
and all living things.

Lotuses blossom in the core of my Being.

I am You. You are Me. We are One.

I hold the space for Emergence, Oneness and Resolution.

And I Am Here. 

Alexa Eagle Feather, 6.14.2014